Wednesday, June 04, 2014

suryavinayak (ganesh temple)

Ganesha is the Hindu god of Nepal, according to the Hindu culture Ganesha is the son of lord Shiva and Mata Parvati .In Nepal there are number of temple of lord Ganesha, Ganesha puja should be done first according to the Hindu rule. Likewise, suryavinak was built over 1500 years ago . The meaning of Surya is sun and vinayak means lord Ganesha .People believe that whatever you wish over the god he fulfill yours need or demand. The area is so peaceful and surrounded by a jungle the view of that place is so good. This temple is also named as temple of the rising sun. Now a days various tourist come over there and have a view of that temple. This location is best for couple too. Also there is large area to have family, school, and college, picnic .mainly that area we found newari food and their culture .IF you want more INFO. Login to the Nepal one tours word press:
suryavinayak is the famous temple of Ganesha. IT is located at the Bhaktapur district. It is
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photo of gosikunda

Gosikunda is located at Langtang region. It is the best trekking spot of Nepal. It is about one week trip.The gosikunda was name by lord Shiva. Hindu believe that Shiva is the powerful god ,in people saying Shiva take all kalkut bis I.E poison and after he sleep on that lake .The lake of that gosikunda  is so beautiful .that place is extreme cold place so trekker should wear a warm cloths and you may fill altitude sickness over me personally  prescribe you to take Medicine while  the period of trek you can have of view of various flora and fauna, high hill, mountain, and animals’ .etc. during you have a trek, The visitor will have extreme adventure over there in gosikunda.

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Monday, June 02, 2014


If you are planning to visit Nepal, we suggest you to visit Boudhanath stupa. Boudhanath stupa is also listed in a world heritage site. This site is also listed on the top attraction on the TripAdvisor and lonely planet. We would like you to describe how it is like visiting boudha today. When you make a entrance at Boudha you can see many people visiting here including many tourists, monks, lamas and nuns on their Sharon dress and Mane on their hands. Buddhist monks and nuns moves around along with the meditation and prayers chanting of Om mane padme hum together with rotating manes on the wall or some might rotate their handy small mane. This place looks gorgeous with the huge white stupa on the middle. with peace or buddha eyes painted over it and the crown on the top. Lots of colorful prayer flags are hanged from top of the boudhanath stupa to the bottom of stupa, makes a very peaceful and pleasant sounds with the breeze. You are allowed to climb up to the stupa for one layer but you should check the not allowed areas. Many peoples seems enjoying taking photos of the stupa and themselves in the beautiful background.
The surroundings of the stupa is also beautiful with shops and stores selling different items such as incent sticks, clothes, thankas, mandalas, statue and other symbols of Buddha and Buddhism, foods and other stuffs. You can also find bunch of fancy restaurants around the stupa offering local to world wide cuisines. The near by areas of boudhanath stupa has also lots of other monasteries, stupas and gumbas with tlots of buddhism learning centers and local shops. These area is also a residence of lamas, monks, nuns and religious Buddhist populations. Buddhism looks completely in the environment with the incent smells, chanting of lamas and Tibetan and Nepalese music of Buddhism. 
Tips to visit Boudhanath:

  • Walk clockwise
  • Do not rotate the mane anti-clockwise
  • Ask before taking picture of any monk or nun
  • Check for the not allowed area 
  • Do not disturb or stand on the way of the monks, nun and lamas. 
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