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Top 10 touristic places to visit around Kathmandu valley

   As we all know  being a small state exists on this enormous earth ,Nepal is rich in culture,tradition,and natural resources. Isn’t it sounds good that a small part of the world which covers only approximately  0.03% of area contains a lot diversities? Diversities in languages,races,casts,religions,culture,lifestyles,customs,geography,flora and fauna,weather,climate,politice,landscape,nature etc. are assets of this country.
                                                Much more mind blowing attraction and destinations lies in this small land, out of which 10 places are listed in world heritage sites by UNESCO. (United Nations Educational, Scientific &Cultural Organization).Beside those here are top 10 lists of touristic places which are equally beautiful and fantastic and carries its own significances.


Kakani lies at a alti 
tude of
 2073 meters northwest 30 km far from Kathmandu valley lies in Nuwakot district in Bagmati zone of Nepal. The place is admirable touristic place around Kathmandu valley famous for picnic spot as well as Kakani is also popular among the tourists for the panorama views of the Ganesh Himal and the central and western Himalaya. Landscape of this area is pleasant. This route is also popular for cycling. You can access to this place by 1 hour drive on private vehicle. A close view of the other peak of Himalayas which can be seen from here are Gaurishanker (7134m), Choba Bhamte (6016m), Dorje Lakpa, Manaslu (8163m), Himalchuli (7893m), Annapurna (8091m) and the other several peaks. A majestic view of the sunset can also be seen from this place.

Image result for kirtipur
Kirtipur is an ancient city of  Kathmandu valley which is situated on the top of  small hill at  south west 5 km away from the Kathmandu valley. An ancient city kirtipur have unique history .This city is culturally, naturally, religiously, and traditionally rich. Newari settlement dominates this place since long decade. The main attraction of this city are Baghbhairav Temple, Uma maheshwor Temple, Dhamma Kitti(meditation centre), Chilancho Stupa, Biggest university of Nepal “Tribhuvan university”,Adinath Temple,chobhar(Manjushree park,chobhar cave) ,Taudha pokhari,boshan hill(valley & panorama view point of Himalayan range/Hiking route),Champadevi hill with 2285m ELEVATION(hiking/religious point for Hindu and Buddhist too),Pushpalal park, beautiful and huge agricultural fields,etc.etc..

3. Dakshinkali:

Dakshinkali is one of the beautiful touristic place to visit around Kathmandu valley. Although Dakshinkali lies in the Kathmandu valley, but it is far from the centre location of Kathmandu city.It is approximately 19 km  south far from capital city. Dakshinkali is a very famous Hindus goddess Kali temple.  Entire route to the temple is a beautiful countryside drive. Regular religious worship is performed daily. A large number of animals are scarified on twice a week, on every Tuesday and Saturday. More incredible animal rituals are held during Dashain festival.this place is also popular for picnic spot. On the return journey one can visit the temple of Shesh Narayan( a cave temple),Taudha lake,Chobhar ,gumba setc.Dakshinkali is one of the best touristic places to visit around Kathmandu valley, Nepal .


Godavari is next one of the best touristic place around Kathmandu valley ,Nepal. Godavari is one of the major tourist attractions near Kathmandu city, Located in the south eastern edge of Lalitpur district,  Phulchowki is a nice picnic spot. It lies 14 km from Patan, at the base of the 2715 m high Mt. Phulchowki (Mountain of Flowers). Godavari is a peaceful little village, surrounded by dense jungles going up the western ridge of the Mahabharat range. There are the Botanical Garden, the Royal department of Medicinal Plants, greenhouses and fish farms. Known for its natural beauty the jungles here are home to at least 256 species of birds and 300 species of butterflies and moths. Phulchowki is next one of the best touristic place to visit around Kathmandu, Nepal and is nearby Godawori.Godawori is also known as  cherrapunji of Nepal.


 Indra Daha lies on the western hill, about 7-8 km. far away from capital city of Nepal which is an important and popular touristic location for its natural, religious, historical and recreational value. A popular pilgrim site, Indra Daha receives numerous visitors throughout the year. Another not-to-be-missed site here is the park constructed around the cemetery of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s chief commander, Kalu Pandey. The main attraction of this site is the view of the Kathmandu Valley from the hill top. Sightseeing, jungle safari, picnic and hiking are much enjoyed activities here.Manakamana temple that is constructed on the top of this hill is next attraction of place.

6. Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is another one of the best and popular touristic place to visit around Kathmandu, Nepal. A 32 km. east drive from Kathmandu at the altitude of 2,175 (700 ft) is Nagarkot, The ridge offers possibly the magnificant display of Himalayas including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) and many others like Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Choba Bhamree, Gauri Shankar, Shisa Pangma and many more. Breathtaking view of landscape,weather,flora and fauna,early sunrise and evening sunset is next major attraction of this place. Nagarkot is one of the best places to visit around Kathmandu ,Nepal.Hiking , Mountain biking, biking are other activities that can be performed in this beautifuil place.


The village is nicely situated at the foot of a jungle covered mountain with a height of 2200 m 8km. away from capital city of Nepal “Kathmandu”. During the day time, the top is very often covered in clouds. Sometimes in the early afternoon they empty themselves within a few minutes of rain without the sun ever disappearing. Sun, Earth and Water are very closely friendly in this popular and mind-blowing touristic place ‘ Matatirtha’. First: the sun pretty much shines every day. Second: Matatirtha means „Mother Earth“. And thirdly: water plays a central role of spiritual spot .    Within particular area, a little pond has a very deep meaning in Nepal. Orphans are brought to this place to look in the mirror surface of the water… see their mother. Thus, every May on Mothers Day, a lot of Nepali visit this place to honor and pray for their mothers. The fresh water from the mountain also serves a very basic need of the inhabitants of Matatirtha. In the big pond (20×10 m) and under the many taps installed inside (for the man) and outside (for the women) of the compound, showers are taken and clothes are washed. A pretty busy place in the morning.Hiking and motor biking are next  two activities that can be performed from this touristic place around Kathmandu valley to upper hills-deaurali,Chandragiri hill,champadevi hill,bhasmasur hill,Pharping,Dakchhinkali temple,tistung,palung,chitlang,kulikhani lake and to many more other places.


Boshan hill is one of the nearest hill approximately 7km south far from capital city 'Kathmandu'.This hill is famous touristic place around Kathmandu valley and is popular for hiking ,camping,Panorama view of mountain ranges northern portion from this breathtaking hill,valley view point,magnificent view of hills,flora and fauna,local villages and lifestyles,livestocks,agricultural fields,fantastic view of Taudha pokhari just down by hill,Champadevi hill etc.Tamang civilization is next  unique attraction of this place.


This popular and touristic destination around Kathmandu valley is situated 5 km away from capital city of Nepal “Kathmandu”.

-Manjushree cave-Jalbinayak temple-chobhar gorge-Picnic/Movie Shutting park-Adinath temple-Monastry-Forest of salla-Hotels &resorts-Landscape-  View of newari civilization&Villages around it -Panoroma view of southern hills(BOSHANHILL,CHAMPADEVI HILL,BHASMASUR HILL, CHANDRAGIRI HILL,DEAURALI,HILLS LIES IN LALITPUR DISTRICTS,LAKURIBHANGYANG HILL ,PHULCHOUKI HILL ETC) and much more.


 The village is located west of Kirtipur. It is around 7–8 km far from the center of Kathmandu city. This is next fine and wonderful touristic place near around capital city “Kathmandu”. This place have an old Newari civilization .This place carries great and admirable significance traditionally, culturally, religiously and naturally.

MYTH: Its name came from Machhenarayan, an avatar of god Vishnu. It is said that during ancient time, Manu found a small fish about to die while he was having a bath in a river. He brought the fish to his home and put it into a small pot of water. Next day, the fish grew in its size amazingly and was no longer fit in the small pot. So he put the fish in a pond just to find next day that the fish had grown larger and no longer fit in the pond as well. Knowing that this fish is no ordinary fish, Manu bowed with respect and asked to show the fish who he was. Then god Vishnu emerged from the mouth of the fish. To remember this event, Manu established Machhenarayan temple in the center of the pond.

A mela (fair), named MangalMas, is organized every three years in Machhegaun for a month, mostly during a month from April to July. During this month god Vishnu is worshiped all over the country.

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                                                  BOATING AT FEWA LAKE:POKHARA

Pokhara is one of the beautiful place lies in western development region of Nepal, 200 km far away from capital city 'Kathmandu'.This city is also called as "CITY OF LAKES"&"CITY OF ADVENTURES".Much and more tourism activities are on operation in this place such like boating,paragliding,bungee jumping,ultra flights,sky diving,trekking,hiking,zip flier,parks,caves,falls,night life,museums,sup ,cycling,motor biking,etc.
                                          Still i remember the day when one of the college have been taken for educational tour at that beautiful city by our tour company.Our tour company had arranged all services over there for 50 pax(lodging,fooding,transportation,touristic places entrance arrangements etc.).we had strongly recommended group of students about do's and don't's at that particular place.Boating on windy season and after 14.00 on usual day at fewa lake  may create risk  was supposed on our recommendation  and companies who are operating boating services too don't allow that particular activity during mentioned time.
                                                                      The day was sunny,clear and  pleasant.According to an itinerary they were at pokhara city just after concluding 5 days trek around Annapurna trekking circit and the day was for full relaxation to them. They were let free without any supervision.They had engaged on any refreshmental activities as they wish  on their own expenses but should execute with group of friends .Out of all ,few students planned for boating at fewa lake and stepped towards destination.Because of clear environment they were permitted  for boating by operator.They rid on boat with some drinks,snacks and a pack of cigarette .They were 4 on boat.Others  7 students were on cue at counter.Also they were waiting next 2 friend who were on the way. 4 students who were already on boat couldn't wait more for other due to excitement and started boating slowly .After half an hour suddenly environment changed.A terrible storm broken out from the western part of fewa lake .The time was around 14.30.They were already on the centre of lake.There were many other boats who were trapped in between lake.Tides on lakes occur due to terrible storm was really out of imagination. That was disgusting and heart stopping moment.  Immediately rescue task was  performed by operators,armed police,and other local experts.Situation  was under controlled by the incredible  efforts .Finally our students were also rescued by local experts.Those local experts(boaters)were tipped by students for their great courageous job.
                                                Only the thing we should know is DO'S AND DON'T'S  that are recommended for visitors should be followed for our own safety and security at any destination.For more information..........................

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Manakamana Cable Car received award of excellence from Tripadvisor

Nepal One Tours & Travels would like to share a news that a largest travel site Tripadvisor has recently given the award of excellence for its service.

Manakamana Temple and Cable car

We also recommend to visit Manakamana Temple ( A temple of wish) by Manakamana cable car while having tour in Nepal. If you are travelling to Pokhara or Chitwan by a private road transportation, it is very easy to reach there as is is just 1 Km from the main highway.

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Why travelling and tourism exists?

Why travel and tourism exists?  

Simply, tourism is a behavior of travelling to any targeted destination from their origin at leisure .Tourism is also an integration of various components and activities such as observation of attractions, managing accommodation, taking care of accessibility and so on without which the term tourism can’t be fulfilled. According to UNWTO- "Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. The question may arise why people wants to travel, behind only reason of having vacation there are two factors which has been categorized influencing the behavior of tourism. The first one is “Pushing factor” which is the interest created in a person to travel particular place because most of his friends and relatives has a travel history of visiting the same place. To make it clear, if majority of the classmates of the same class of one school has travelled “Pokhara” except two students, the tendency of their interest of travelling Pokhara will be high. Pushing factor mainly includes the interest generation from the internal or mental state of the individual such as wants of travel, desire of reaching in a specific place. Whereas some other elements also comes in addition to the interest, such as time factor and affordability under the Pushing factor.
On the other hand the “Pulling factor” is the interest of travelling to a person is generated because of the physical value of the place. If someone wants to travel the Mt. Everest just because he wants to reach at the top place of the world then it’s a pulling factor.  

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Experience of hosting 13 Malaysian tourists having adventure travel in Nepal

Last week Nepal One Tours & Travels hosted a group tour package for 13 Malaysians tourist travelling in Nepal for our standard 6 Night 7 Days travels. In this post we would like to share the experience of hosting them about their first travel experience in Nepal here.

Ready to go for a rafting trip in Trishuli river in Nepal.
The group were of two family with two couple of age of early 50 with theirs children of 9 on their from 16 to 25 in which two of them were girls and 7 were boys. The younger ones were travelling Nepal with their cousins group and their Parents. They actually visited most of the world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley including the biggest Mosque the Jame Masjid of Capital. Since their arrival they were travelling in a Toyota Jumbo Hiace Van which was very suitable for their group size.
On the first day they just landed in Tribhuvan International Airport and transferred directly to their Hotel in Thamel as their arrival was at late evening. The next day they had a guided sightseeing tour to the World heritage sites on Kathmandu. They came from a humid and hot temperature of Kuala Lumpur and I experienced that they were enjoying the little chilling climate Kathmandu with wearing the winter outfit as they do not get to wear the winter clothes in their home town. The durbar squares of Kathmandu and the temples and the market around the durbar square were something very new for them and they seemed to take photos everywhere and everything they could see on the tour. Some of them were very curious to know about the places and happenings around the Kathmandu.
Next morning they had a mountain flight by a Simrik air for 1 hour and they were very lucky to get a very nice weather with very little cloud. They enjoyed the experience of flying close to the White Mountains and the Mt. Everest. They also enjoyed to take pictures in the cockpit with pilot which was beyond their expectation and told us that, entering in the cockpit of a flying plane is not possible in their country.
After the flight they returned to hotel for breakfast and check out for the trip to Pokhara and on the way camping and rafting in the Trishuli River. As they told that they are the adventures lovers and done rafting in Malaysia for couple times the experience of rafting was not a new one like the Mountain Flight. When they arrived the rafting spot and they got the briefing from the river guide about the rafting trip and safety measures they got their rafting gears and were looked exciting to get their group pictures with the rafting boat and gears. They did the 3 hours rafting in Trishuli River. All of the younger ones were not into a simple rafting trip, they loved to jump on the rivers on the major rapids so as all of them also climbed the cliff and jumped into the river. After tiring journey of rafting they arrived at the lunch spot and enjoyed their meal. They were driven for few minutes to the camping resort. They enjoyed to hang around the resort and around the town. As they were very friendly and somehow looked like Nepalese they easily mixed up with the resort staffs and even to the local shops close to the resort. Even they were riding the motor bikes of the resort owners to visit the towns.
At night they seemed enjoying the beautiful view of stars in a dark night lying beside the bonfire in a little cold weather and listening to the pleasing sound of Trishuli river. After dinner they spend a few hours in the riverside enjoying the magnificent atmosphere there. They were not a type of drinking liquors and dancing with loud music but enjoyed their time with a nature and peaceful environment. The next morning all the young ones went for swimming in the high current trishuli river with a guy of resort on Kayak. They swim in river with the Kayak boat dragging them, which looked they enjoyed the swimming a lot in spite of the water which was cold for them than their home town. When asked why not swimming in the swimming pool, their mother said ‘’we have swimming pool back home’’ these guys really looked how to enjoy the moments and their parents looked so supportive with the feelings of the youth.
They arrived to Pokhara at late evening as some of the road obstacle of unknown reason made their journey behind the time for couple of hours. They wanted to visit the sightseeing spots of Pokhara but the unexpected rain fall could not help them as they give up the idea of sightseeing in Pokhara. The dinner was a little walk away and as we were catering the service of Halal Restaurant in Pokhara for the first time, we missed the location with misunderstanding of the direction by the restaurant owner and made the group walk longer a bit, but when we had our dinner it was really nice and may be the taste of good food took away the disappointment of extra walking after a long day.  
The next morning they had a boating in Fewa Lake that was also a wonderful experience for them in a boat in a lake which was surrounded by a beauty of nature which cannot be described with words. The rain last evening made them miss some of the spots but the important day turned out to be the one of the brightest in the Pokhara as the all clouds, fogs and mist of Pokhara was washed out by the yesterday’s rain. One of the main event was about to begin for them as the Jeep from their paragliding came for the pickup with pilotes ready and all their gliding gears packed up on the aero rack. The 30 minutes’ drive to the take-off field on the top of Sarangkot was filled with the excitement as this was something very new to them. Even being from an Asian families the 50 years + people choosing the paragliding shows their thrust of adventure and courageous of them. The paragliding group were divided into two as the first 7 of them took their flight on time. The parents, two girls and 1 boy were the ones to take the first flight. On the second flight 1 of the guy became lucky in a sense that he could enjoy the view from Sarangkot for an extra while on a day of nice weather with a perfect visibility and zero cloud even if he had to wait for his flight. He lost his group member and the assigned Pilot and took a while to find the Pilot. In fact Pilot was waiting him badly too to complete the flight and go for the next client.
The one thing looked obvious on them that the high-way drive of Nepal was not free of threat for them. They looked afraid when the buses passes to each other very closely on the bends. For the Nepalese passenger this looks very normal but for the foreigners the highway drive always fills the excitement. 
The last day before departure was there another big day of Bunjee Jump trip to Last Resort. Only the parents did attended the bunjee jump, all the young ones did it smoothly. Some body sought ‘’Help’’ in their native language and rest of their group audience were laughing. Turn by turn all of them did the jump smoothly couple of them looked very nervous and seemed to withdraw the jump but the jump indeed. Where couple of them jump on their own too. The view of their parents was like ‘’if they do the bunjee jump their acrophobia (fear of height) will not remain on them, kind of treatment.
At the end we as a host enjoyed the 13 Malaysian Tourist travelling in Nepal for an adventure activities. And we were glad to know that all of the 13 Malaysian tourist group members enjoyed the Nepal Tour much and also they thanked us for our service to them. We also thanked them for giving Nepal One Tours & Travels a chance to offer our service to their adventure trip to Nepal and we also thanked them for being friendly and being an easy to deal customer despite being in a group of 13 persons they were very co-operative.

At the end we would like to say that we Love Malaysian Tourists and our aim is to be a specialized Tour operator for a Malaysian Tourist travelling in Nepal.