Monday, February 24, 2014

Puri Tarkari

Whether it is for breakfast or for lunch, puri tarkari is a popular dish among Nepali folks. It is a special dish which is prepared in different occasions like ‘Pujas’ (Offering of prayers), ‘Shraaddha’ (Posthumous rituals performed in memory of the departed souls) and weddings, etc. Puri is a form of deep fried bread (in ghee or oil) made of white flour (Maida) while tarkari refers to curry or vegetables.
The commonly eaten curry with Puri is potatoes and beans. Puri can be made either crispy in which case it can be stored for many days at room temperature or it can also be cooked to make it soft if it is to be eaten immediately. Another dish named haluwaa (pudding) is a well-liked add-on to Puri tarkari.
So when you are on a vacation in Nepal, please try out this delicious cuisine in your nearest eateries.  
Puri Tarkari

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Wow!! Nepali food is the best ;)