Friday, August 07, 2015


                           NEPALI KITCHENS:NEPAL TOUR


 Nepal is a country with much more diversities.Diversities on races,casts,religions,geography,flora and fauna,languages,living patterns,rituals,festivals,culture,traditions,customs etc. are nepal's preserved and incredible assets.

These days Nepal is becoming a popular destination in sense of tourism.Tourism flourish all over the country virally .New concepts and ideas are being derived to influence tourists to visit this land.village tourism,rural tourism ,nature based tourism,mountaineering tourism,hiking tourism,city tourism,water tourism,adventure tourism,sport tourism,sightseeing tourism,cultural tourism ,religious tourism,educational tourism ,voluntaineering tourism,village tourism,agro tourism, etc. are categorized tourism services that are on operation into this land Nepal with new visions in accordance to time and taste & preferences.

Mostly Nepal tour is popular for nature,rural,cultural,mountaineering,hiking/trekking and adventure tourism.Tourists planning for travelling to nepal commonly have willingness and desires to obtain above tourism activities during their visit.Touring nepal with an objectives to experience(by seeing or by direct involvement) rural lifestyles is exciting and breathtaking moment .Nepal tour is the best way to refresh yourself and be out for a while from yours monotonous daily schedules  which re heals you finally.

During the time of your tour in rural areas of nepal,you have to make adjustments on various facilities that are offered on destinations.You should left behind your artificialism and try to adopt on natural environment by consuming natural or local products.The main amazing moment for visitors during nepal tour will be when  the unique things  you have not seen and tested  previously on your life comes as your meal, dinner, lunch, breakfast,snacks drinks and you deserve that most.

Accommodation is one of the basic requirement of tourism industry.Nepali typical kitchens will offer you with traditional  testy foods and beverages during rural tour or trek.Organic,healthy and hygienic foods and beverages acts as a value added attraction at destination or on the way to destinations. Foods that are prepared by  using firewood have unique taste.As well as integrations of spices and highly flavored foods and beverages are incredible aspects of touring to rural villages of Nepal.The next thing is usually Nepali use their hands and all the fingers to eat food.As testy the food,people lick their fingers much.Eating with hand and fingers gives complete satisfaction and experience of nepali food.Using spoons,knife

and forks may miss the actual or real taste of nepali cuisine.
Traditionally Nepali foods involve a lot of preparation and cooking time.  Foods are cooked siting on the floor. Most of the typical cooking fire place which use wood-logs are build on the floor.Various types of vessels are used to cook. Not only the shapes but the type of metal may also differ for cooking pots. Iron, aluminium, copper and other metals are used for making different utensils. Different types of utensils are used to keep spices, achars (pickle)
and home made preserved foods. Wooden and clay-mud ve
ssels are generally used to keep preserved foods.

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