Saturday, November 15, 2014

Top Ten Nepali Food.

1.Dal Bhat Tar Kari (Rice, Curru and Lintel) : Number 1 in our list as its a common Nepalese food of Nepalese. Nepalese love to eat rice with lintel and other seasonal vegetable curries. So when you are in Nepal eat as much of Nepalese Thali. 

2.Gundruk  and Dhido :- Gundruk is a traditional dish one Nepal which is made from a fermented spinach which gives a little sour test. GUndruk can be prepared in a different style like gravy or fried or in a form of pickle with hot spices such as chilly, garlic and ginger. Gundruk can be eaten with rice or Dhido. Dhido is a thick porridge without sugar or salt prepared with just a corm flour and water by boiling and cooking in a low heat until it gets thick. Dhido can also be eaten with gundruk, vegetable curry or meat curry or lintel. But the combination of hot Dhido with a gravy Gundruk with fried soybeans goes best. Do not miss Gundruk - Dhido while you are in Nepal Tour. 

3.Kheer: Kheer is a sweet dish prepared with Rice, Milk, Sugar And Ghee (butter) with additional dry fruit flavors such as coconut, cashew, raisin, cinnamon and many others. It is also a kind of porridge but definitely of a Nepalese style. Kheer is also common in South Asian region but try Nepalese one which is a great taste of Nepal for you.   

4.Chau-min: Chaumin comes in our number 4th list. Chaumin is popular dish of Nepal, many people eat as a breakfast or lunch. Chaumin is available in variety of form like Mutton, Chicken, Buff (Buffalo meat) and vegetables. It is fried noodles with different seasonings. Try a spicy chaumin and be full with your appetite in Nepal. 

5.Momo :  Here comes the popular Nepalese food the "Momo" in our list which we have rated umber 5. Momo is very common food in Nepal which is available in every corner of City areas of Nepal. MOMO is a steamed dumplings made of flower and Meat or flower and vegetables and be eaten with a special MOMO sauce.  Most of the Nepalese people order Momo when they visit to restaurants. There are so many MOMO stalls and MOMO shop around Kathmandu some of them have also made a brand in MOMO such as Everest MOMO, Sandar MOMO, Mazic MOMO, Bakery Cafe, and MOMO stalls in Bhat Bhattini super store.    Many people use in Breakfast. Momo is available see ,  veg, chicken, Buff, Mutton . If you want to try little different MOMO you can try fried momo, C-Momo, Soup MOMO or T-Momo. C-MOMO is MOMO cooked with a special gravy with extra chilley. T-Momo a tibetean MOMO is slightly different taste with some unique spices. Le us tell you that if you do not eat Momo while you are visiting Nepal, you should come to Nepal very soon to eat the MOMO.  

6.Aalu Tama : Aalu  Tama is traditional dish prepared especially in hilly region. It is cooked with a fermented bamboo suits, potato and black eyed peas. The taste is little sour but rich in flavor and refreshing taste.   

7.Meat gravy : Gravy Mean is very common dish of Nepal and can be found in every cornor of Nepal. The most common meat gravy are Chicken, Mutton, Pork and Buffalo. This item is also spicy and hot item which is eaten with rice, roti (bread) or Dhido. Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Tomato, Paper, Chilly, curry powder and meat masala are the ingredients of Nepalese Meat gravy.      

8.Fish Curry: Fish is famous Nepalese food. Nepal have a different variety of fresh water fish. The fish found in the cold water of nepalese rivers are great in Taste. Nepalese eat fried fish and gravy fish. The locals from Kathmandu love to travel to nearby places like Kulekhani, Dolalghat, Malekhu and Kakani to eat fresh fish on the weekends. Rainbow trout is a kind which is gaining popularity now a days. You can go to Kakani for the trout fish. There are mainly two kinds of fish one is river fish another is a farm fish. There are government fish farms in Pokhara, Hetauda, Janakpur, Bhairawa and other Cities. Our recommendation is to try fresh cold river water fish which is the delicious one in Nepal.   

9.Aalu Paratha : Aalu  paratha is used in breakfast and lunch. It is prepared by flour, potato, salt, oil with some spices and seasoning. Paratha is a excellent items for vegetarian. Nepal is a vegetarian friendly country. Paratha is found easily in a samosa shop in every corner of city areas.   

10.Sel-Roti: Selroti is the ancient dish of Nepal. Can be used in a Breakfast. Selroti is commonly found in a samosa shop however sel is a special item that Nepalese cook on the ocassion of Deepawali festival and marriage ceremony. 

You should try all these 10 foods when you are travelling in Nepal.