Sunday, July 03, 2016

Bajrayogini Jatra at Sankhu

Each year the Bajrayogini Jatra is celebrated in Sankhu, Kathmandu, Nepal. This Jatra is celebrated up to 8 days. This is one of the major Jatra among other jatra which is celebrated each year inside Kathmandu Valley. During the period of this jatra, we can see lots of people and the possession of festival.

Sankhu is a small village which is situated in the east north side of Kathmandu and the population is also very less in comparison to big cities like Kathmandu.  This jatra is very famous among Newar Community so from different locality people gather to observe this festival.

This Bajrayogini temple is at the top of the hill, bringing down the statue of Bajrayogini Goddesses in the heavy chariot is really exciting to see. While watching this jatra people get too much excitement and happy. People came from different locality due to which the brotherhood relationship increases.

While celebrating this jatra, many people were invited like friends and relatives due to which there will be the promotion of this Bajrayogini Jatra as well as the locality of Sankhu. This place is also famous for Sali Nadi (The Holy River which is mentioned in the Holy book of Hindu called Swasthani).

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