Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vehicle Management SAARC Summit 2014 in Nepal.


Vehicle management is five days programme .Programme is starting November 24,25,26,27 & 28. Even   number plate is allowed in   November 24, 26 & 28. Add number plate is allowed in November 25 & 27. Private vehicle number plate colour is red. Rent vehicle number plate colour is black. Government vehicle number plate colour is white. Tourist only vehicle number plate colour is green. Corporation vehicle number plate colour is yellow .Diplomatic/UN officer number plate colour is blue .Ambulance journalist and government officer are allowed to drive vehicle all five days. Sometime we can see against the rule. Some vehicle not follow the rule because of unknown. Sometime do know. Traffic police found that case charge two $. Process is difficult time taken 3-4 hours to return license. In the road most of private vehicle we can see .Sometime it is difficult to use public vehicle route way. Rule and regulation was perfect here. School/College has five days holiday November 24, 25, 26, 27&28.Two day’s national holiday in Nepal November 26 & 27.Government of Nepal is trying the action of vehicle managing. You can’t afraid. Nepal police help you. You must be careful about notice board of Nepal. You must be listen 95.6 F.M. in Nepal.