Sunday, December 22, 2013


It is no doubt that people from all over the world come to Nepal in search of awesome adventures as well as a peaceful break from their frenetic lives. There are many places that offer the visitors these activities. And when it comes to yoga and meditation, Nepal stands out one of the well-known destinations to learn them.
There are many yoga and pranayama centers where you can gain knowledge of the basics of yoga and meditations. You can also join such courses in various Buddhist monasteries in and outside of Kathmandu valley or join Hindu yoga courses on different Yoga-Ashram around Kathmandu. Vipassana meditation is a popular one. The trainers have designed such courses in different packages which include varying prices and duration. You can choose the kind of course you want to do based on the number of days you are staying here and also on your convenient price. If you have interest in yoga or meditation please keep spare time before you travel to Nepal for the yoga or meditation courses. Even if you are going to trekking you can take your yoga-guru on your trekking to practice yoga with him every morning. In fact our company Nepal One Tours & Travels do have a yoga and retreat package  

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