Thursday, June 05, 2014

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal ,place called lumbini .There is no date event of gautam Buddha born and his death. But some people says that he was born in kapilavastu in last 20 century. also  gautam Buddha is founder of Buddhism .he had make various traditional   omens, miracles, and supernatural events. He did not have any demand like no food, no sleep, no medicine and no bathing etc. He live all love and affection of the world , he didn’t say may family may son , my wife etc. but he spend entire life for the knowledge of human welfare .Now a days various monk also do so but no one   is like gutam budhaa . He have certain super natural power also called as superman. Also now a day’s Indian government is making the illegal news that Buddha was born in India but real news is that Buddha was born in Nepal in lumbini district place name kapilavastu. the place is best for visit there is Asoka pillar, were we can get certain information of lord Buddha . if you want to know more visit to our word press page:
image of lord buddha