Thursday, November 13, 2014

Twenty Reason We Should Travel Lumbini.

20 Reasons to visit Lumbini

Lumbini is a Buddhist Pilgrimage site located in the south west region of Nepal which is nearely 300 kms and a 8 hours journey by road from the capital city Kathmandu. It is the Place where, according to Buddhist tradition, Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama in 623 BCE.
Gautama, who achieved nirvana sometime around 543 BC became the Lord Gautama Buddha and founded Buddhism after achieving Enlightenment Lumbini is one of the many reasons for pilgrimage that sprang up in the places pivotal to the life of Gautama Buddha beside other notable pilgrimage sites includes Kushinagar and Bodhgaya
Lumbini has a number of temples built by different countries and  there are several others which are still under construction. Many monuments, monasteries and a museum-the Lumbini International Research Institute- are also located inside the sacred Gaarden.  There are other historically valuable sides which are the main attraction to the foreign visiters. Maya devi Temple the exact place where Buddha was born, similarly there also located the Puskarini or Holy pond where the Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where, too Buddha had his first bath.
Here we have collected top twenty reasons to travel Lumbini for informative purpose:

20 reasons to Travel Lumbini:
1.       World peace stupa: World peace stupa in lumbini is very popular all around as Buddha is considered as founder of path of world peace.
2.       Lumbini being birthplace of Buddha gave Nepal a recognition.
3.       Maya Devi Temple: the exact birthplace of Buddha.
4.       Ashok Stupa: The symbol of Peace which gives message to the world “Crime is avoidable”
5.       Various  Temples in built by different countries
6.       Beautiful and peaceful place to hang.
7.       Big Museum related with Buddha and Buddhism
8.       Boating activities
9.       Never non-illuminating light of lumbini
10.   Well managed ltravelling and visiting service
11.   Easily accessible from Hotels and restaurants
12.   World Heritage Site
13.   Mind blowing view of lumbini Pond.
14.   Feel fresh and Peaceful with the surroundings.
15.   Be at the Holiest Place of the World.
16.   Learn Buddha’s Message.
17.   Close to regional airport
18.   Close to Indian Boarder
19.   Take home the souvenirs of Buddha
20.   Safe and secured place to travel