Sunday, December 08, 2013


One of my Australian friends asked me what is so special about the cuisine ‘Momo’. His query was obvious since he finds me eating momos almost every day in my lunch! I tried to give him the details about the food as much as I knew but I failed to describe him about its history, nomenclature and so on.  
So I did a brief research on it and came to know that Momo doesn’t have a unanimous place or country of origin. As the Newari ethnic community favors it to the most, it is believed that the Newari traders carried the skill of momo-making from Lhasa to Nepal. With some amendments in the ingredients and seasoning of the meal, Momo has been popular not only in Nepal but also in the neighboring countries like Tibet, India, Bhutan and many others.  
It is made of white flour into which are ‘packed’ fillings of variety of mixtures like vegetables, paneer, cheese, buff, chicken and so on. Accordingly, momo is made for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So why not try it once when you are in holidays in Nepal?? :)
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