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1.Khukari dance:
The khukuri dance of the mountain people is an original Nepali dance in which the dancers display their wonderful skills in handling the khukuri knife, a famous weapon of the Nepali people. This type of dance is patriotic in its nature. It is also really exciting. This dance is also performed at the military or army centre. Nepal tour will help you to observe this dance.

2. The Ratyauli Dance:

 exclusively performed by the women on the occasion of marriage ceremony. It is especially performed in the bridegroom’s house after the male members of the family leave for the house of the bride. On this night, the women assemble in the bridegroom’ house to sing romantic or even erotic songs. Some women impersonate men and enact love scenes while dancing. Men are forbidden to intrude into their private dancing session. Nepal tour will give  you pleasant chance to admire this entertaining dance.

3.. Tamang Selo dance:
Tamang Selo is usually performed by the Tamangs, one of the ethnic group of Nepal. This dance is performed beating a Damphu (a special type of playing instrument) a solo or in a group. Tamang Selo is also called as Damphu nach. There is another name called in Tamang language that is tam- syaba.  Nepal tour will be your great time to look after this mind-blowing traditional dance.

4. Juhari or Dohori:
Juhari or Dohori dance is also known as gambling or dual dance. Dohori is very popular folk dance in Nepal. The word Dohori is more popular than word Juhari. Juhari or Dohori dance of Nepal is performed in groups during festivals, events, parva and fairs and in Rodhighar. Nepal tour have an advantage to observe this fantastic traditional dance.

5. The Bhairav Kali dance:
The Bhairav Kali dance is one of the traditional ritual dances of Nepal. It manifests the dreadful destructive mood of Goddess Kali and how Bhairava (Shiva) saved the world from the destruction by lying down on the path of Kali. This is one of the classical dances of Nepal, popular in Kathmandu Valley where it is believed to have been originated. Nepal tour will be your favorable moment of life to observe this one of the oldest dance exist till date on the heavenly place Nepal.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=BHAIRAVKALI+DANCE+IN+NEPAL

6. Maruni Dance:
Maruni Dance is one of the most loved and popular dances in Nepal. A male dancer disguises as female. In this Maruni dance of Nepal, a male dancer wears long frock like dress. Other members in this dance sing and make music. Nepal tour is only the way to watch this traditional dance that will surely entertain you.

7. Lakhe Dance:
Lakhe dance is a very important and famous dance of Nepal. Lakhe dance is performed by the Newari community, especially in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. Dancers or performer wearing masks as a monster. Nepal tour is one of the best way to  look at this one of the popular newari entertaining dance .

8. Peacock Dance:
Peacock is a holly bird, called Mayur in Nepali language. In this Peacock Dance, the dancer pretends to be a peacock and perform the dance as a peacock does during rain. Nepal tour offer you to monitor this breathtaking dancing entertaining activities. 

9. Jhankri or Witch Doctor:

Jhakri or witch Doctor plays a very important role in the rural areas of Nepal. People of rural areas do not get proper health services from the government health post or hospitals of Nepal. When they fell illness, they go to Witch doctor instead. Nepal tour will definitely grant you a chance to observe this traditional medicinal way of treatment and dance during treatment phase.

10. The deuda dance :
The deuda dance is performed in a group of males and females. This Nepali dance is popular in the far western districts of Doti and Dailekha. Nowadays, the inhabitants of the far western region who have been living in Kathmandu gather at Tundikhel and perform this dance in a group. During the dance, the young boys and girls sing and dance together exchanging love among themselves. Nepal tour will help you to see this popular traditional dance which carries a great significance.

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