Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pani puri

If you ask us about some spicy and mouth-watering dishes while you’re planning a tour in Nepal, we would suggest one thing for sure- Pani puri!! You might have second thoughts regarding its salubrity when you see vendors trading this dish rampantly in dusty streets of Kathmandu and elsewhere. But we daresay that you will be captivated by the appealing sensation that it gives to you.

Small breads are made and fried in oil until they pump up. That becomes the ‘puri’ part of pani puri. Onions and garlic are added along with some spices to the boiled potatoes that are to be put inside the ‘puri’ after ripping them open. And lastly, you can get a special ‘pani puri masala’ which on emulsifying with water serves you as the medium into which you dip the pani puri, moisten it and devour it. It is the remaining part, that is 'pani'.    

Pani puri will certainly cater to the desire of those who love to try out something ‘hot and sour’.  So if you fall into that category or even not, do try it at least once whilst you are in Nepal to make your Nepal trip a bit spicy. 
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