Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Balaju Park

One of the hideouts for the dwellers of Kathmandu city is Balaju Park where they can organize picnics with family and colleagues. This place is not only rich in clean and green ambience but also holds a historical significance as it was constructed during the regime of the Malla king Pratap Malla. Even the revered poet of Nepal Bhanubhakta Acharya has extolled the beauty of this venue wholeheartedly in one of his poems.

This park is also named as Baisdhara as there are twenty-two taps made of stone (Bais: Twenty-two; Dhara: Tap). Pilgrims can also worship the idol of Lord Bishnu which is similar to that of Budhanilkantha temple. A variety of fish are found in the big pond inside the park. For those who are fond of swimming, the place offers you a very neat and clean swimming pool.  

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Twenty-two taps in Balaju (Baishdhara)
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