Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rituals in Nepal-Swasthani Brata katha


Nepalese people have a month long ceremony of story-telling at their homes during the months of January-February. The story is called Shree Swasthani Brata katha which depicts the anecdote of the Hindu Goddess Swasthani. The tale is instigated on the full moon day of January and is continued till the next full moon day.

Some Nepali women even take fast during this one month. They opt for taking only one meal in a day and also visit different holy temples and rivers. The river of Sali is the popular site for pilgrimage all through this period. Hindu women have a deep belief that worshipping the Goddess with all of these offerings will fulfill the wishes and desires that they have in their hearts.       

The story-telling is done mostly on the evenings but it may differ according to the households. Different cuisines are offered along with the prayers to Goddess Swasthani.

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Nepali women celebrating Swasthani Brata Katha
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