Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seven achievement want to Nepal in 2015

                      Seven achievement want to Nepal in 2015
Nepalese people is very helpful for others. Nepal is independent country. Nepalese people agree in National Unity. Nepal is identified for  peace, Progress and stability. Nepalese people strongly want seven things in 2015.
1.     New constitution: Nepal will be waiting new constitution. Political consensus necessary for new constitution.

2.     Stop Strike: It is compulsory necessary to stop all type violence immediately. Strike is bad for many people.

3.     National Government: Many people want national government. National government solve present political crisis.

4.     Chinese president visit: China is our strong neighbor country. Nepal followed one door china policy. China is our good friend.

5.     Tourism Development: Tourism development is backbone of our country.
            Tourism development decrease political activities & National development.

6.     Increase national employment: Employment activities is necessary to increase. Employment is needing for young age.

7. Improve in Road: transportation was essential part of human life. Transportation increase National Development. Vehicle management is major part of present life.