Monday, July 13, 2015


                                                  BOATING AT FEWA LAKE:POKHARA

Pokhara is one of the beautiful place lies in western development region of Nepal, 200 km far away from capital city 'Kathmandu'.This city is also called as "CITY OF LAKES"&"CITY OF ADVENTURES".Much and more tourism activities are on operation in this place such like boating,paragliding,bungee jumping,ultra flights,sky diving,trekking,hiking,zip flier,parks,caves,falls,night life,museums,sup ,cycling,motor biking,etc.
                                          Still i remember the day when one of the college have been taken for educational tour at that beautiful city by our tour company.Our tour company had arranged all services over there for 50 pax(lodging,fooding,transportation,touristic places entrance arrangements etc.).we had strongly recommended group of students about do's and don't's at that particular place.Boating on windy season and after 14.00 on usual day at fewa lake  may create risk  was supposed on our recommendation  and companies who are operating boating services too don't allow that particular activity during mentioned time.
                                                                      The day was sunny,clear and  pleasant.According to an itinerary they were at pokhara city just after concluding 5 days trek around Annapurna trekking circit and the day was for full relaxation to them. They were let free without any supervision.They had engaged on any refreshmental activities as they wish  on their own expenses but should execute with group of friends .Out of all ,few students planned for boating at fewa lake and stepped towards destination.Because of clear environment they were permitted  for boating by operator.They rid on boat with some drinks,snacks and a pack of cigarette .They were 4 on boat.Others  7 students were on cue at counter.Also they were waiting next 2 friend who were on the way. 4 students who were already on boat couldn't wait more for other due to excitement and started boating slowly .After half an hour suddenly environment changed.A terrible storm broken out from the western part of fewa lake .The time was around 14.30.They were already on the centre of lake.There were many other boats who were trapped in between lake.Tides on lakes occur due to terrible storm was really out of imagination. That was disgusting and heart stopping moment.  Immediately rescue task was  performed by operators,armed police,and other local experts.Situation  was under controlled by the incredible  efforts .Finally our students were also rescued by local experts.Those local experts(boaters)were tipped by students for their great courageous job.
                                                Only the thing we should know is DO'S AND DON'T'S  that are recommended for visitors should be followed for our own safety and security at any destination.For more information..........................

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