Saturday, November 23, 2013


If you go for a morning-walk along the narrow streets of Asan or to various temples in the Kathmandu valley, you will run into beautiful women and cordial men who are busy making a yummy-looking dish out of the white flour. Newari people who are indigenous to Kathmandu call this cuisine ‘Gwarmari’. We bet you won’t be able to repel the temptation to ask for more, once you have tasted the first piece of Gwarmari.  

They prepare it in a very simple way. Flour is mixed with baking powder and salt in a vessel. To this mixture, water is added with constant stirring that finally yields a thick paste now. The vessel is left covered for an overnight. Next morning, some sunflower oil is heated into which a tablespoon of the flour paste is put and left to deep fry. They wait until the flour gradually fluffs up and gives a good brown color, which is now ready to be served. It can be eaten along with tea as your breakfast. You can also pick some curry as its add-on.
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So, way to go folks!! Don’t miss it while you are in Kathmandu.

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