Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Nepalese Folk Songs

There might be just a fistful of guests who have been to Nepal but haven't heard about the famous 'Resham Firiri' song. Not that every tourist must have listened to it. What we mean to say is that this particular Nepalese folk song is popular for its know-how among most of them. Perhaps it is the melody that lures even the visitors who do not know or understand Nepalese language, to hum this song and dance in jubilation. And maybe this is a perfect paradigm of the saying “Music has no language”.  

Nepalese folk songs are given different names by the corresponding clans who have been practising them since long ago. To list a few among them are Dohori songs, Deuda, Newari songs, Tamang selo and so on. Rodi Ghar is a kind of institution formed by Gurungs of Nepal to perform their traditional music and dance. This shows the love that the Nepalese folks have for their peculiar culture and tradition.

So while you are in a vacation in Nepal, do not forget to ask your Nepali friend about ‘Resham Firiri’. In fact you can learn to sing it at your own accord by getting a CD or DVD that contains this song!! How cool is that??
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Nepali people singing and dancing
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