Sunday, January 18, 2015

Darjeeling Tours


Darjeeling is famous place for travels. Darjeeling was historical place. Darjeeling was a town in the Indian state of west Bengal. It is located 6,710ft (2,045.2m) .Darjeeling was famous for education background. Darjeeling has several British style public school, which attract students from India and neighbouring countries. Darjeeling was cultural heritage town. Darjeeling is near pasupatinagar(Jhapa District) Nepal border side. This place is popular for travels & tours.

                   There was nice park, tea industry, Himalayas, View point, Zoo and fast food shop. Kalingpong is near Darjeeling. Darjeeling geography was hilly area. Hotels are easily available there transportation facilities are well managed .Railway service was available. This place is memorial for tours. Those reason Darjeeling was really beautiful place for tours point of view.