Thursday, January 02, 2014

Daura Suruwal- Nepali National Costume


If you have ever got a chance to watch some (male) political luminaries of Nepal participating or delivering speech in national and international scenario, you must have noticed the costume that they had put on. Yes, the dress that they wear is called ‘Daura Suruwal’ and it is the national costume of our country. Added to this, ‘dhaka topi’ (a kind of cap) is an add-on to the identity of a Nepali man.
Not only is the Daura Suruwal (also called ‘Labeda Suruwal’) wore by public servants and other government employees but it is also equally admired by the general civic. It has become the trendiest among all other options to glam oneself up during the formal and informal ceremonies, including their own weddings.
So if you happen to be in one of your Nepali friends' wedding ceremony or if you're invited to any function during your tour in Nepal, why not try out being dressed in Daura Suruwal??? Have a think about it .
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Nepali men glammed up in Daura Suruwal
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