Sunday, January 05, 2014


It is an inevitable truth that Lord Buddha was born in a place called Lumbini in Nepal. Lumbini is enlisted as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. It is visited by thousands of domestic as well as international tourists mainly with the purpose of pilgrimage and others in the want of recreation. Apart from these, people do come here to observe the historical and archaic remains of the temples, palaces and other stuff from Gautama Buddha’s time.
Ashokan pillar is a must-see when you visit Lumbini. It contains an inscription that gives an account of Ashoka’s visit to Lumbini during that time. Besides this, the Eternal Peace Flame is also another attraction for the sightseers. Monasteries are built within the east and west monastic zones inside the premises of this site by different countries, reflecting their own art and culture. They are also worth of watching. 
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The Eternal Peace flame

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