Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Recommendation for Foreigners/ Tourist during Dashain in Nepal

If you are here in Nepal during late September or in early October then you must observe the Dashain festival. You may see the crowds in every market and must be surprised about what is going on...? Actually Dashain is one of the biggest festival of Nepalese people which is celebrated across the nation. I have some recommendation for you about what you can do during this festive season?

Visiting the local market to view the Dashain Shopping
You can go to the local market where you can see the big crowd of the people who are busy in shopping for the festival. During Dashain people buy new clothes for the family members. You can specially visit Asan bazaar. It is one of the oldest as well as busiest shopping market where you can find everything.

Flying Kites
It is one of the interesting things that can be done during your visit in Nepal during Dashain festival. You enjoy the kite festivals as some of the local youth clubs or hotels arrange an annual Changa chait program. Or you can either fly the kites from roof top of your hotel too. During Dashain festival we can see different age group of people flying colourful of kites in the sky.

Visiting different Temples
During Dashain festival you can see a large number of people in different Temples especially in the temple of Goddess Durga standing in a long line for worshipping. The 10days of Dashain is celebrated by visiting different temples of Goddess Durga. You can see the activities of people in the temples like how they perform the puja, you can also see people sacrificing the livestock etc.

Playing Swing
The most important thing that should not be missed during your visit in Nepal during Dashain festival is enjoying the Swing. Swings are made up of bamboo and coconut rope across the nation during Dashain festival. It is said they we should atleast leave the ground once. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups. The swing is called ‘ping’ in Nepali. You can also enjoy the swing as it is constructed in most of the places. Some of the swing’s height exceeds twenty feet and you can swing really high.

Khashi bazaar
You can also make a visit to khasi bazaar where you can see the large numbers of goats and the crowd of the people who came for buying the goats. A large number of goats are consumed during dashain festival. Some people buy for the purpose of sacrificing while some buy for just the purpose of meat and fun only.

Lagur Burja
Langur Burja is a kind of gamble which is played during Dashain by the people of all age group. It is played in many inner streets of Nepal. You can also engage in this game. You don’t have to worry about how to play the game as the people around there will definitely teach you how to play and what are the rules and regulations of the game too.

Tika occasion
The most important thing during Dashain is the Tika occasion. You can see people putting red Tika on their forehead along with Jamara. Jamara is the made up of grains like maize & Barley. Some people may also put the white Tika too. The Tika is received by the hand of elder member of the house with lots of blessings. You can observe the Tika occasion in the house of a local people.