Thursday, January 09, 2014


Have you ever noticed your Nepali friend speaking highly of a dish called samosa? We bet you must have at least heard of it or even seen it if you are really into the Nepali cuisine. Added to that, you surely would have tried it when you had visited nook and cranny of Kathmandu and other places of Nepal.  
Samosa is a cuisine that’s triangular in shape. It is a kind of pastry which is either fried in oil or can even be baked. The basic ingredients to make a samosa are flour, potatoes, onions, spices, etc. which is especially meant to delight the vegetarians. Not only this, the non-vegetarians can also add ground beef, chicken or lamb to suit their taste. Though it is believed to have had its origins in India, samosa is one of the popular choices for your lunch in Nepal. 

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So when you visit Nepal, do not hesitate to enter into one of the local eateries and ask for the samosas!

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