Monday, February 03, 2014

Festivals in Nepal - Shree Panchami

Goddess Saraswati
Nepalese people are celebrating the festival of Shree Panchami today (4th February, 2014). On this auspicious day, the children as well as adults worship Saraswoti who is regarded as the goddess of knowledge and wisdom in Hindu mythology. The folks over here believe that if children and toddlers learn to read and write on this day, the Goddess will bless them with profound aptitude of memory and intelligence. 
Temples like Swoyambhu, nilsaraswoti, Maitidevi etc. are visited by thousands of devotees. There is a tradition of writing letters as well as prayers on the walls and floors of the temples and their premises with chalks and crayons. This day is also considered as the favorable day to start new relationships so many wedding ceremonies are also held at various holy places. Many schools and colleges have organized programs to pay homage to the goddess of knowledge and the government has issued a holiday for educational institutions. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website 

Writing on the wall of a temple on Shree Panchami
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