Monday, January 27, 2014

Cultural values of flowers in Nepal- Makhamali

Makhamali is a flower that holds great cultural significance in Nepal. Its English name is Bachelor Button or Globe Amaranth. The Bhai Tika is the occasion when Nepalese folks make garlands and small bouquets (Guchchha) of this flower. Then these garlands are put around the neck and the guchchha on the ears of their brothers by the Nepali women.  
This flower has a specialty that it doesn’t wilt for a long time even after it has been plucked from the main plant, given that it is kept away from light. This distinctive feature of this blossom portrays a myth in Nepali that just like the longevity of its endurance, the brothers of females who have been offered Makhamali, will have a long life.     
Not only do they bear cultural value, they are also proved to hold medical properties like their seeds are found to contain high fiber and low saturated fats. Its oil is found to be useful for the patients of coronary heart diseases.  

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Makhamali flower
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