Saturday, July 27, 2019

Things You Should Do/Know Before Trek

Nepal is one of the favorite destination for the trekkers of all over the world. The number of trekkers visiting Nepal is increasing each year. In other words we can say that Trekking in Nepal has been one the first priority for all the trekkers. Beside the wide range of diverse features, the hospitality and the friendly behavior of Nepali people are equally well known to all.  Nepal is also known for safe trekking place however here are some important information which one should do/know before starting a trek to Nepal.

Do Some Research
It is always one of the best idea to do some research about the trekking area before you go there. It is very helpful especially for those trekkers who are planning to trek independently without any guide or porters.  You can do the research through internet, books or consult with your friends and families if they have already done it. This helps you to know about the geography, culture, climate, safety, difficulty level of trekking of the area and many more.

Hiring a Guide/Porter
Although it is not mandatory to hire a Guide/Porter in most of the trekking region, we always suggest you to hire one, mainly for the solo trekkers and those who are trekking in Nepal for the first time. Due to the landslide and many other reason the trekking route gets change from time to time, where even the trekking map does not work. So, hiring a guide helps a lot in such situation. Beside this, guide will also help you a lot to know about the places, serve you when you are in problem and secure your accommodation during trek.

Proper Clothing and Trekking Gears
The most important things one should be careful of are clothing and trekking gears. One should prepare himself by wearing proper clothes as per the climate condition. Regarding trekking gears, in most of the trial trekking boots and trekking poles with small bag packs are ok. But you can add some accessories like sleeping bag, knife, sun glasses, caps, torch etc. as per your need.

Respect the Local Culture and Tradition
Every place has their own culture and tradition, so you have to be aware of not disrespecting their culture. In Nepali culture mostly in the village area the decent dressing sense is highly respected. So, don’t expose too much of body parts and wear clothes like decent t-shirts, loose pants/trousers. Beside this, you will meet lots of local people during the trial. They will smile and greet you saying “Namaste”, so reply them back which will help a lot to start a conversation.

Respect the Nature
The real trekkers are not the one who just trek, but the one who also respect and be responsible towards nature. There is a saying “In a forest and mountains animal do not leave trash but human do, behave like animals”.  So, do not throw your trash anywhere you like. Better collect the trash and deposit it in a place where trash cans or baskets are kept.

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