Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Jhor, Kathmandu

My cousin called me up and invited me to go on a short drive on each of our scooters. I asked her the whereabouts of the place that we were going to go and she gave me the details of a place called 'Jhor'. At first I was like...... "Where on earth is Jhor?? " I was running out of fuel for my scooter and didn't want to take the risk of heading towards the spot which was quite faraway.

However, I was assured that it was very nearby Dhapasi in Kathmandu and I would regret later on if I denied the offer on that day. So I buckled up my shoes and stormed out of my home yelling "Off I go to JHOR..........hope the trip won't be JHOOR (boring) ". In fact, it wasn't boring at all. It was such an awesome experience to drive on the well-pitched road that led us toward our destination. We stopped by a waterfall that allured us by its beauty and the musical sound of its flow. We got drenched, took some really good pictures and had so much of fun.

Then we walked towards a small temple named Baundeshwar Mahadev midst the big rocks and cave and offered some prayers as well. A short walk along the stairs built of stones took us to a spot from where we could relish the spectacular view of Kathmandu valley. That was it. We really had a good time and decided to return to our homes. As we were quivering due to our wet clothes, we entered into one of the motels on the way and warmed ourselves with hot coffee and some pastries. 

And what else? We continued shivering throughout our way back home and finally got relief after we threw away the wet dresses and wrapped ourselves with a warm blanket.  :)   

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