Friday, October 09, 2015



Trekking is one of the memorable moment for life.Trekking can be consider as a human activities going away to any  new destination for a walk for few estimated days from their native land at leisure with leisure finance.
Trekking in nepal is a breath-taking moments of everyone's life. Nepal is one of the popular and favourable platform to conduct trekking activities among various destinations lies into  this enormous  world. Variation in altitude from approx. 700 mtr. to 8848 mtr ( WORLD'S HIGHEST ELEVATION ) is one of the dramatic portion of trekking which directly influence visitors/tourists/travellers/consumers/guests to visit this marvelous land and perform trekking activities around different trekking destinations that are introduced for trekkers.

Elevation of  Nepal covers hilly,himalayan and terai ( plain) areas. But trekking in Nepal mostly covers hilly and himalayan regions within  an altitude of  approx. 1000 mtr. to 4500 mtr .Trekkers during trekking in Nepal can enjoy their trip with fantastic natural view of flora and fauna ,panorama view of mountain ranges,  diversities in culture, races, casts, religions, customs, languages, ethnic groups, topography, geography, landscape, weather, climate, culture, traditions, festivals, living patterns ,art and architectures, and many mores.

Trekkers who enters into this land with the aim to engage in trekking activities will definitely be impressed from  real, heartfull and great hospitality as well as  quality services offered to them at destination.

Another incredible part of trekking in Nepal is all the trekking operators/ trekking agencies/ trekking companies/   always stands for safety, trust and quality services from the initial phase of trekking to end of it. So feel free to choose your trekking destination in Nepal and choose to fulfil your trekking dream of life .

Here are some major trekking destinations that lies in different parts of nepal.
- Annapurna trekking region
-langtang trekking region
-Everest trekking region

-Manang, Mustang, and Dolpa regions and many more.