Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yomari Purnima

Nepal observed a public holiday today on the occasion of Yomari Purnima, one of the important festivals of Newari ethnic community. Yomari is the name of a delicacy while ‘purnima’ means the Full moon day. This dish is made up of rice flour that covers the ingredients like ‘chaku’ and ‘khuwa’ (both are sweet in taste). The Newari folks believe that its triangular shape is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
This festival is celebrated on the second day of the full moon, in the month of December. The Newari people worship and store up the Yomari which is to be eaten only on the fourth day of the festival.  As Nepal has an exemplary harmony among people of all kinds of castes and religions, the Newars even invite their friends and neighbors from different cultures to relish their dish. 

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So, when you travel in Nepal, do not forget to ask your Newari friend about Yomari which we suggest for you as a to do list in Nepal.