Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thakali food in Nepal

'Daal, Bhaat and Tarkari' (Lentils, rice and curry) is the national food of Nepal. Added to this set is 'achaar' (pickle) that gives the gustatory pleasure to any connoisseur of food. If you really want to enjoy this Nepali cuisine, Thakali khana set is the best one to go after. 

There are Thakali restaurants that offer you the best food in many places, all over Nepal. They have a unique style of cooking as well as serving. The mouth-watering dish has such a superb taste that is really unforgettable. So when you are in Nepal, do not forget to visit one of the Thakali eateries, especially in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places that fall on the national highways. Visiting Thakali Kitchen is surely a one of the recommended activities during your travel in Nepal.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Basantpur, Nepal

If you are looking for a hideout in Kathmandu, Basantpur is one of the many options. Whether you want to enjoy your solitude for a brief moment or you opt to hang out with your beloved ones, this place offers you the blend of both.

Also known as Kathmandu Durbar Square, it holds a historical significance. You can observe the palaces built in different styles and architecture that date back to the Malla and Shah Kings, who ruled Nepal for a long time. It is also enlisted as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The King Tribhuwan Memorial Museum and the Mahendra Museum will amuse you by providing the historical account of the edifices and the respective regimes in which they were brought into existence.       

The temple of Taleju Bhawani and Kumari Chowk (Kumari is worshipped as the living Goddess of Nepal) are other attractions that bring devotees here. You can also relish delicious dishes that are offered by the eateries nearby.

Have a wonderful time in Basantapur while you are travelling in Nepal.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nepal makes it to ICC World T20!!!!

A very historic moment indeed!!! Nepal qualifies for the World T20 2014 that will be held in Bangladesh. This is in fact the first time that Nepal will be presenting itself in such a great global arena. So, Kudos and many many thanks to the Nepalese Cricket team that made this victory possible through their hard work and determination.

It's time for celebration in Nepal........ Hurrah!! Nepal One Tours wishes the team all the very best for the upcoming tournament. We are glad to see the improvement in sports in Nepal Cheers!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Tihar is a festival of lights and colors. At the same time, it is also the perfect opportunity to prepare different delicacies that can be offered to Goddess Laxmi and also for the celebration of the Bhaitika. Dry fruits hold special importance on the day of Bhaitika and some dishes can be prepared out of them. Gujiya is one such dish which will mollify you if you really love the dry fruits.

It is made of white flour (Aata) in which the ground or crushed dry fruits are put and packed. Deep frying in sunflower oil will first give you olfactory appeasement. The final cuisine is similar to the deep fried momo in appearance that will eventually fill you with the gustatory glees. It can be eaten immediately while it’s lukewarm or can be stored at room temperature for some days, as well.  

Eating gujiya can be one of your worthy activities to do in Nepal.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Trekking in Nepal-Balthali

When it comes to trekking, Nepal stands out as one of the popular destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of adventure aficionados come for this purpose and carry cherishable memories back to their homes. Based on the duration or number of days, treks in Nepal can be short (2-5 days), medium (5-12+ days) or long (12+ days).

Balthali trek falls under the category of short trek and is one of the chief trekking routes in the Kathmandu valley. Balthali is a small village situated 40 km away from Kathmandu. Amidst the serene ambience of verdant forests, greenish-yellow paddy fields and enticing view of snow-clad mountainous ranges, this place stands as the perfect spot for deep meditation and recreation. It also offers the bird watchers an excellent diversity of avian fauna that soothes the observers’ eyes.  

People over here boast of their rich culture and unique way of living. They seem to be very much involved in preserving their ethos and traditions.Travelers who go to Dhulikhel for a holiday can keep Balthali in their minds as the next target. We are confident that this hamlet will surely allure you and give you the utmost pleasure while you are staying there.  
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Saturday, November 23, 2013


If you go for a morning-walk along the narrow streets of Asan or to various temples in the Kathmandu valley, you will run into beautiful women and cordial men who are busy making a yummy-looking dish out of the white flour. Newari people who are indigenous to Kathmandu call this cuisine ‘Gwarmari’. We bet you won’t be able to repel the temptation to ask for more, once you have tasted the first piece of Gwarmari.  

They prepare it in a very simple way. Flour is mixed with baking powder and salt in a vessel. To this mixture, water is added with constant stirring that finally yields a thick paste now. The vessel is left covered for an overnight. Next morning, some sunflower oil is heated into which a tablespoon of the flour paste is put and left to deep fry. They wait until the flour gradually fluffs up and gives a good brown color, which is now ready to be served. It can be eaten along with tea as your breakfast. You can also pick some curry as its add-on.
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So, way to go folks!! Don’t miss it while you are in Kathmandu.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Lumle, Nepal- “Where nature meets science”

Most of us have heard a lot about Pokhara. In fact many of us have already been there, at least once in our lifetime. But few of us might have got wind of a place called ‘Lumle’ which is one of the key trails to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), the truly classic trek in Nepal. With the sobriquet of ‘Cherrapunji of Nepal’, Lumle receives the heaviest of rainfall as compared to other places of Nepal.

Lumle village is 32 Km west from Pokhara and lies on Pokhara-Baglung Highway. About an hour of drive from Pokhara, the headquarters of Kaski district, will lead you there. Nearby this village is located the Regional Agricultural Research Station which is an agricultural research hub and is visited by many national as well as international scientists, researchers, students and farmers every year. The laboratories here are well-equipped with the sophisticated and state of the art machines that will give you a glimpse of research laboratories in the developed nations.  

Besides these, Lumle is rich in beautiful landscapes and varieties of flora and fauna. The most striking feature that captivated our minds when we had been there is the view of the lightning that could be seen among the surrounding hills during the night and not to forget- the lovely downpour. The rain shower made us unpack our backpack in search of a jacket even in the warmest of the months. 

So, if you are planning to go there, do not forget to take a warm jacket or a shawl (no matter whether it is summer or winter!!)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bhogate saadheko (Pomelo) in Nepal

 Pomelo or Chinese Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that is offered to Goddess Laxmi on the day of Laxmi Puja (Tihar, the second main festival of Nepal). It is also an indispensable component during the Mha Puja (Another important occasion of the Newari ethnic group). Most of the Nepalese folks dwelling in the Hilly and Terai regions prefer to have a small kind of family gathering in which they prepare a dish out of it called ‘Bhogate saadheko’.  

We like to call this day a ‘mini-festival’ for every Nepali household of those regions. The essential ingredients to make this cuisine look appealing are supplementary fruits like oranges, bananas, apples, mosambi and so on. Furthermore, additions of spices like curcumin powder, cumin, fenugreek as well as salt, sugar and not to forget- yogurt as the topping, will certainly gratify any foodie.

Not only has it gustatory delights, but research shows that it is also rich in nutrients required by our body like Vitamin C, Fiber, antioxidants and anti-aging agents. Scientists have discovered that it is good for the health of heart and is a potential cancer fighter. Nothing can be more surprising than these facts about Pomelo, isn't it??

So, you can try ‘Bhogate saadheko’ when you visit Nepal in winter. What say you?
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nepal Votes For the New CA

It hasn't been a long time since  Dashain and Tihar, the two main festivals of Nepal bid farewell to the Nepalese people. Yet, they got to relish a new fiesta today- Elections for the new Constituent Assembly. With the government announcing a 4 day long  public holiday in consideration to the election, the Nepalese voters went to the polls in their nearest voting centers, today.

The foreign visitors in Thamel were excited to observe the people exercising their rights and were glad with all arrangements as well as tight security, that made peaceful elections possible.Nepalese folks expect stability and prosperity of their nation as the outcome of this election. The Tourism sector also anticipates the same so that Nepal becomes a secure destination for the travelers to visit. 

So, we wish all the Nepalese very Happy Elections indeed!!
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hiking to Sundarijal

If you want to get away from the hectic life of Kathmandu for a day or two, Sundarijal can be the perfect destination to opt for. As the name depicts (the word ‘Sundarijal’ means ‘beautiful water’ in Nepali), the place is full of stunning waterfalls and streams. We daresay that you won’t be able to resist the temptation to get drenched in one of those falls during your hike to the top of the hill (Unless it is extremely cold winter or freezing weather!)

Sundarijal is located 15 km North-East of Kathmandu. This is the hiking route to Chisapani of Nuwakot district. After a climb of about one hour, you will come across a gate which tells you that you are now entering into the Shivapuri National Park. Then you can visit the temple of Sundari Mai, the Hindu Goddess after whom the place gets its nomenclature.  

Your hike will be constantly accompanied by a large water pipe that leads to a dam. Also you have to climb through the built-up concrete stairs and big stones at some places, along your way. There’s also a canyoning spot which falls on the route. If you like to go on mountain bike cycling or camping, Sundarijal offers you these adventures too.
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Sundarijal visit is recommended for short hike in Nepal, short tour in Nepal and from Sundarijal you can also go hikikg for Chisapani which is 4 hours walk. Enjoy your visit to sundarijal!!!

View from Sundarijal
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bandipur, The Lost Paradise in Nepal

It is rightly said, “Travelling is a journey, not a destination.” It was actually proved when our team from Nepal One Tours and Travels set off to Pokhara, in Dashain of 2011. The plan was to spend 2 nights in Pokhara and then return back to Kathmandu on the third day. But our minds changed when we got wind of a place named ‘Bandipur’ from our driver.

When we reached a small town called Dumre, we decided to extend our trip for a day and headed toward Bandipur which is 8-km away from the town. The road was quite narrow, which was appropriate for transport of small vehicles like jeeps and cars. The sceneries along the way were spellbinding which made us realize that missing out this spot would surely make us regretful if we hadn’t decided to go there.  

We got off from our car and walked toward Bandipur Bazaar, in which no vehicles were allowed. The hotels were built in the traditional housing styles which offered every kind of facility that a tourist expects of. After a short walk around the Bazaar, we moved to its outskirts. We climbed up the Gurungche Hill in which ‘Thani Mai’ temple was situated. The panoramic view of Bandipur was spectacular from this spot. Besides, the sunset, the serpentine roads and the mesmerizing mountain ranges were worth of our observation.

You can also visit the Siddha Cave, villages, monasteries and some other temples in Bandipur. May you have a wonderful holiday in Bandipur! Cheers!!       

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Watching the panoramic view of the white mountainous ranges turning golden yellow as the rays of the rising sun fall upon them, is perhaps the finest way to start your day in Pokhara. You can best get this experience from Sarangkot which is a hill of altitude of around 1592m. You can reach there in about 45 minutes if you are taking a car from Pokhara. An additional 45 minutes of hike will lead you to the main view point from where you will get to see the beautiful Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges.

The place also boasts of a wonderful outlook of the main city of Pokhara as well as its peripheries. Added to that, the thrilling adventure of Paragliding tandem flight can be the icing on the cake. A 30 to 45 minute flight in the air will surely take your breath away and you will undoubtedly cherish the moment for the rest of your life.
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Beautiful view of Annarnapurna Himalayan ranges from Sarangkot
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pokhara- A land full of surprises

Pokhara is the place which comes to my mind each time I plan to have a family outing. Though I have been there a couple of times, Pokhara seems to be new to me, in every visit of mine. Just like a bag full of surprises, this place boasts of hypnotic d├ęcors which in my view, get renewed every now and then.

Boating in the Phewa Lake is a must-do thing when you get there. The mesmerizing views of the mountain ranges that captivate the eyes of a beholder escort you even when you are away from the ground and above the water. You may be wondering ‘How?’ Well, just like your shadow accompanies you wherever you go, in the similar way, you will see the replications of these ranges in the water too.Don’t you think it'd be great if you got to see it through your own eyes, at least once??  

Your guide will row your boat toward the holy temple Taal Barahi which lies in the middle of the Phewa Lake. l feel like I have reached a stranded island amongst the seas whenever I go there ( FYI Nepal is a landlocked country! ). Nevertheless, the temple is always crowded with the devotees and a lot of tourists. You can also bring back some titbits and souvenirs through vendors who have set up their shops over there.  
I will be writing about other destinations in Pokhara that are waiting for your visit in my upcoming blogs.
Till then, have a happy time!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thrill of White Water rafting in Nepal

The adventure of white water rafting which I got to experience on the Holi of the year 2013, is cherishable. Our team from Nepal One Tours & Travels set off from Kathmandu to Charaudi, the put-in point for rafting on the Trishuli river. After a drive of about three hours, we reached the venue. To my surprise, the place was crowded with hundreds of feat enthusiasts who seemed to be thrilled about this sport, just like me.

My excitement knew no bounds when a raft guide rowed our inflatable boat. Immediately following that, my delight was quite subsided because the river was calm and the trip seemed to be very 'peaceful'. This boredom lasted for a few minutes only after which we came across an area of high water current called 'rapid', where I could feel some rise in my adrenaline level.

The real fun began when the guide urged each one of us to dive into the flowing river. He insisted that we dare to take such a life-time experience because such chances do come rarely. Even if I never learnt how to swim and I also had this particular kind of phobia relating water (May I call it hydrophobia???) and its fathomless depth, I had an impulse to comply with him. Though my fear was forbidding me to fall off the boat, something within me pushed the whole of myself outside and I was there into the water, still holding on to the ropes tied around the boat. I couldn't let go of that bolster for a long time until I finally dared to release it.

That moment of 'letting go' was simply wonderful. I could feel as if I had got victory over my own inhibitions. I was literally floating over the water with the support of my life-jacket and my eyes closed. As the flow of water was carrying me toward our destination, I could feel the warmth of the sun over my face. I lived that moment to the fullest and wished it would never end. Nevertheless, I had to climb back to my boat after traversing some miles and the journey on the boat resumed.

The expedition continued for nearly three hours in which duration we had covered about 16 km. Today, if somebody asks me how the trip was, I have a ready-made answer for them, "It was awesome!!!! Try it once!!"

So, what are you waiting for? Give up your second thoughts and just do it! Bon Voyage folks!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bunjee Jumping in Nepal- The ultimate escapade

If you are looking forward to having a thrilling adventure in Nepal, Bunjee jumping is the best option. At present, this sport can be relished at a site which is located at Nepal-Tibet border where adventure enthusiasts get to experience a free fall from a height of 160m over the Bhote Koshi River. A three hour ride by a bus can take you there from Kathmandu.

 Bungee jumping and Swing are the two kinds of sports that are offered at this venue. As per the jump masters, the only difference between these two is the duration of free-fall. You can have a longer free-fall if you do the swing than Bungee jumping. Folks who’ve tried them claim that the latter one is more exciting and full of adrenaline rush. However, the perception varies among different people.

The whole arrangement for the escapade is very outstanding. The jump masters are very well experienced and they give the topmost priority to their clients’ safety. Best of all, their unique style of motivating the ‘jumpers’ with their slogan of ‘Walk like a penguin, fly like a bird’ does wonder while you are just about to take off from the bridge, towards the immense  Bhote Koshi river.
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                          Have a happy time jumping off the bridge and flying in the air!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Seasons of Nepal

Nepal is a country which has diverse topographical features. The three main geographical divisions of Nepal are:
·         The Terai region
·         The Mountain region
·         The Himalayan Region

The Terai region which lies in the southern part of the country has warm and humid climate. Weather is somewhat moderate in the mid-land or mountain region but the mornings and nights of winter season are cooler. The Himalayan region has lowest temperature and snowfall occurs in many areas of this region during the coldest of months.

Nepal has these climatic seasons in different months of the English calendar:

·          Spring   : March – May
·         Summer : June – August
·         Autumn : September - November
·         Winter   : December -February.        

The best season to visit here is autumn as the climate is favorable. You can experience a fine weather with the charming views of Nepalese people celebrating their main festivals- Dashain and Tihar. Spring harbors blooms of different colors and species. The summer is accompanied by the Monsoon in which the downpour aids in placating the scorching sun. Winters can be freezing, especially in the Himalayan region and to some extent in the Mountainous region as well. The mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountains will surely tempt you to find an excuse to stay longer or revisit this land of seasonal varieties.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our blog section resumes

We have instigated this section of the blog in order to provide complete information about Nepal to people who want to visit this beautiful country. In this section, we will post quality updates on various aspects of Nepal which will be useful and interesting to those who are planning to come to Nepal for the first time. Not only that, the new information on different facets like people, culture & tradition, geography, landmark, events and travel destinations will surely help those who have already been to this paradise to remain well informed about Nepal.
We daresay that the information and pictures posted here will  tempt you to visit this landlocked Asian country, if this is your first holiday in Nepal. And for those who want to satiate their urge to see and know Nepal better by revisiting here, Nepal One Tours and Travels heartily welcomes you. Let us be your travel partner throughout your stay here and we will leave no stone unturned to provide with you an outstanding service. 

 Please keep on visiting our blog.
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