Sunday, January 12, 2014

Laligurans (Rhododendron) - The National Flower of Nepal

Laligurans (Rhododendron)
Trekking in Nepal is regarded as one of the admired ‘things-to-do before you die’. Those who have already been to the Himalayan foothills during the months of March to May must have noticed the verdant forests covered in the veils of red. These coverings are of none other than our own national flower Rhododendron, popularly called Laligurans in Nepal. Children in those regions will greet you with bouquets of this flower in their hands and a warm smile in their na├»ve faces.  
The main species that is widespread here is Rhododendron arboreum. It can grow up to a height of about 30 mtr. In addition to the aesthetic value that it holds, Laligurans is also known to contain special therapeutic values. Researches done by different and special groups have claimed that various diseases like liver disorders, jaundice, diabetes, severe headaches and intestinal worms can be treated by the use of this elegant flower. 
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Rhododendron forests in Nepal
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