Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kheer-Nepali pudding

Rice is the staple food in Nepal. Whether it’s for the breakfast or for dinner, Nepalese people mostly opt for ‘daal, bhaat and tarkaari’ (rice along with lentils and curry). But everybody gets bored if they are having the same meal routinely, don’t they? Perhaps, this is the reason why folks here have ‘devised’ various cuisines as alterations and add-ons to rice. Kheer is one such dish which holds special importance in this beautiful landlocked country.
Although the origins of this cookery are unclear, Kheer has however occupied a large share of Nepali culture. It is relished in special occasions like religious functions, weddings, birthdays and many others. Kheer is prepared by gently boiling rice along with milk and some sugar. You can then add some dry fruits like cashew nuts, raisin, cloves and others as per your taste.
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So when you come on a tour in Nepal, try out this unique dish in any eatery of Kathmandu or other towns and cities.