Tuesday, May 27, 2014


trekker walking to kalinchock 

Kalinchock is the place of god an it is located in dholhaka  district , after the drive of 170km we reach the place name kuri ,   the climate of that place is so amazing their we can see a changing whether  with in 1 minute  cloudy environment  with the extreme cold . this place is best for trekker,since it is located at the Himalayan reason the climate is almost 4 to 10 degree Celsius . we can see the view of various mountain various types of rocks, and the various type of flora and fauna. After the walk of 1houre we can reach to the kalinchock temple named as kalinchocki mai most of the Hindu belief that the wish will be fulfilled after visiting that place   there is various   type of people with different culture and dress .their is jungle yak , which provide a milk , people can taste the milk also they sell various milk product like cheese , butter, and most famous durkha.

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