Sunday, August 02, 2015


Taudha pokhari is a 
pleasant place where visitor can easily access by private or local vehicle too.This place is not much far from capital city of Nepal "Kathmandu'.During Nepal tour this place should be on your list.Missing this place during travelling in Nepal will be regretful.This place is inhabitant of different species of fishes &migratory birds .Various hotels and lodges are coming on providing fooding and lodging services around this lake.This lake is situated on the way to popular holy place Dakchhinkali temple ,just down by the hill named' Champadevi' and next small valley viewing hill 'boshan hill'. 

It is believed lord Manjushree cut off the mountain peak at Chobhar by forming a gorge to evacuate the water form the lake, making it suitable for habitation and eventually the human civilization is believed to set up in the valley.
In the process of evacuating the water from the lake, the king of serpents Karkotak and his wife who were residing in the lake was about to be carried along the rapid flow of the water. It caused a terror among the gods: if he was carried out from the valley it would lead to misfortune within the valley. Ultimately the gods requested him to stay within the valley by forming a lake today known as Taudaha, the name Taudaha is composed of the words Ta and Daha from Newari language wherein Ta stands for snakes and Daha means lake.
Another interesting part of the mythical history of Taudaha is that while making the arrangement for king of serpents, the gods requested Bhimsen to excavate the land to construct a lake. The soil and mud he excavated to form the lake created a huge mountain at the other side where goddess Champa Devi resides, and the lake became accommodation for the king of serpent, Karkotak.
The local people still hold the notion that Karkotak resides in a big palace inside the lake and it is their moral duty to safeguard him. The king Karkotak is the ultimate authority and he only should grant the permission to carry on any activities in the lake. He is not supposed to be disturbed by any means. This feeling is supported by a story associated with king Karkotak: in ancient times the king used to assist local people and fulfilled all their wishes by providing them the commodities and help they asked from him, and had always taken care of the needs of Taudaha community. Then a greedy farmer who received utensils for a feast from king Karkotak did not return them and kept them for himself. As a result this process of helping people came to an end.
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