Saturday, January 03, 2015

7 top achievement happened in Nepal in 2014

7 top achievement happened in Nepal in 2014
Nepal is a very beautiful country and an attractive destination of millions of tourist every Year. As new 2015 has already started, this article aims to highlight the major happenings in Nepal in the year 2014.
1. SAARC Summit: The eighteenth SAARC summit was held Nepali capital Kathmandu on 26-27 November 2014 .Seventeenth SAARC Summit was held in Maldives on 2011. This summit was able to make good relation among member countries for co-operation and trust. This summit announced to make crime deduction level in south Asia to zero.
2. Constitution drafting process on progress: In 20014, political Dialog and conscious committee make positive role. Top political leaders interacted well with negotiations and discussions over the constitution drafting. Hopefully, they will be agree in giving the final shape of new constitution of Nepal in near future.
3. The Year of less Strikes and Riots: Nepalese citizens has been directly experiencing the outcome of political instability in their daily life in a form of Strikes, Riots and Bandhs since more than decayed. Which has also vastly affected the nation’s economy. Luckily the year 2014 is the most peaceful year in a decade with very less riots and strikes launched by Political parties. As all major parties are working hard for a common consensus which kept them busy on the main agenda of constitution drafting exercise and talks. Nepalese citizens and Tourists enjoyed a peaceful year in Nepal in 204.
4. Roads got renovated in the Cities and highways: On 2014 government of Nepal made huge investment of money to make construct and expand roads on the city areas as wll as on highways. Roadside gardens, street lights, painting job on the streets, construction of new bridges have given the new look to the Nepalese cities.
5. In the world of Cricket Nepal has achieved a historic milestone with playing its first flagship event of ICC Wold T20. Secondly Nepal has been promoted to division 2 of World cricket league after becoming winner in division 3. Cricket is the most popular sports in the south Asian region and the progress of Cricket in Nepal has been remarkable. Nepalese audience watched the live telecast of the world cup matches played by their own country with couple of wins.
6. Similarly, in the world of Football also Nepalese football fan witnessed the historic Nepalese win over India in Kathmandu in 2014. Nepal defeated India with 2-1 Goals in the SAFF Championship in Kathmandu in 2014. This was one of the best awaited moments for Nepalese Fan. Nepal’s victory in this event in 2014 remains historic. It is honour to beat Indian football team as some of the media claims the domestic football in India is popular than the top ranking European countries’. .
7. India’s prime minister formal visit to Nepal: India’s current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi visited Nepal with his top priority. Mr. Modi is well known for his diplomatic traits, paid a formal visit to Nepal which has happened in the interval of 17 years of History. This visit has been able to renew the friendship between two open boarder neighbouring countries. During the visit Mr. Modi emphasized the prospect of tourism in this Himalayan country Nepal. Modi also encouraged Indian Nationals to travel Nepal. Modi also stated the interest of India to Promote tourism in Nepal. Let’s hope Modi’s interest will become successful in developing tourism sector both in India and Nepal.