Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nepali cuisines- Bara

Bara (or Woh as called in Newari) is a typical Nepali cuisine which is popular mainly among the Newari people. It is a dish made of Urad beans and looks like a pancake in its appearance. Patan Durbar Square is quite famous for ‘Aaloo Who’ which includes potato in its recipe. Besides this, you can go and enjoy this dish in any of the Newari eateries anywhere inside or outside of Kathmandu valley.
As it is a traditional cuisine, Bara is offered mainly during the Jatras (Newari feasts) and special ceremonies. It can be eaten singly or in combination with other add-ons like tomato sauce, curry and in some cases yogurt too which gives it a special name of ‘Dahi-bara’ (Dahi-Yogurt). For the people who love non-vegetarian foods, you can relish bara which includes meat in it too.we Nepal one tours best agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a only tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website http://nepalonetours.com/adinath-food
So when you visit Nepal, try this cuisine once. We are sure that you will want to eat it once again.  
Bara, a Nepali food
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