Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visit Nepal to celebrate Nepalese colorful festivals

As i mentioned in my earlier post that Nepal's number of unique features attracts tourists from all around the world. Today I will be writing about the Colorful festivals of Nepal. 
Foreign tourists celebrating Dashin with Nepalese Family                                                                   
After the fall of last King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah in 2008 the earlier only one Hindu Kingdom in the world became a Secular Nation. However Hindu population remained as the major proportion in the demography of Nepal. Around 85% of Nepalese population are Hindus and they celebrate different festivals through out the year. Still non hindu festivals like Chirstmas, Easther, Thanks Giving,  Birthday of lord Buddha, Id ul Fitri, Bakrid  are also celebrated by Nepalese. May be Nepal should be on the top of the list when it comes to the celebration of festivals. It will be no mistake i guess if I say Nepal is the country where number of holidays for celebrating festivals is the highest in the World. Schools and colleges and university gives holiday of around 20 days to celeberate Dashin and Tihar similarly most of the private and government office are closed for one week during this time.

Even in the Hinduism there are common festivals and there are some special festivals which different tribe people celebrates their own festivals. Like Indrajatra, Gai Jatra and Bisket Jatra which are mostly celebratory by the Newars of Kathmandu. Loshar is a new year festival which Gurung people as Tamu Loshar, Sherpa people celebrate as Gyalpo Loshar and Tamang People celebrate as Sonam Loshar in different occasions. Similarly other festivals like Sakewa, Udhauli, Ubhauli are other festivals celeberated by some Nepalese.
Nepalese hindu festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, Ram Navami, Krishna janasthami, Shivaratri, Ganesh chaturthi are the ones which do not have any specific way of celebration in terms of gender. But there is another important festival called "TEEJ" which particularly only woman celebrates in a religious way. Where men is only part of celebrating it culturally.

Different festivals have different values and specialty and unique way of celebrating it. You can enjoy the festivals ceremony with Nepalese when you come to visit Nepal during the festive days. Remember that there are so many festivals through out the year and you will have higher chance to celeberate Nepalese festivals on your Nepal visit.

We will update you more about the festivals in coming days keep visiting us.
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