Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seto Gumba

Inside the Seto Gumba
Seto Gumba is yet another hideout if you are hankering for a pause from your frenetic way of living. It can be the perfect junction where you can listen to your inner voice along with rejoicing the tranquil and blissful ambience of the outside. Some kilometers away from Swayambhu (the Monkey temple) in Kathmandu, Seto Gumba literally stands out as a rendezvous for those who are in search of their inner selves.

You can reach there through public transport from Sitapaila or you can also enjoy a motorbike or car drive through the finely pitched road that leads you uphill to the gumba. The construction is magnificent and it covers a quite big share of the hill. You will get to observe the spectacular view of the Kathmandu valley from the top of the hill. What makes it more gratifying is the rumble of the cool breeze amalgamated with the serene musical prayers and the beating of the dong, which lies nearby.  

This destination offers you ample of know-how on Buddhist culture and the way in which the monks receive their education on Buddhism. When you travel in Nepal, do not forget to have a go for this place and gain a completely new experience. We also suggest you if you have short tour in Nepal and you will only be visiting around Kathmandu do not forget to ask your tour partner to include this spot.
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Magnificent View from Seto Gumba
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