Saturday, March 15, 2014

Holi- The festival of colors

The day is filled with gaiety in the atmosphere in Nepal. People are veiled in different colors.  They have been drenched in the water and what else? It’s a wonderful day out here in Nepal because it is Holi, the festival of colors!!! Above all, it is a public holiday that has added to the merriment of this fiesta.

People of all ages are enjoying the day by forgetting everything else but the balloons and plastic bags inflated with colorful water. Singing and dancing on refreshing songs and having a family time with delicious foods are some of the ways of celebrating this special day. Events and parties are being held at different places to mark Holi and to celebrate it in union. This day is relished by folk of any caste and race and holds a religious significance too. A special dish called ‘Bhaang’ is eaten that is admired by many.

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Nepal One Tours wishes a very Happy Holi to everyone out there!