Thursday, September 25, 2014

Travel Nepal in November month

Laxmi Puja
 November is the best month to travel in Nepal with cool and clear skies. The weather and visibility during this month is just perfect for trekking and outdoor activities like rafting on the white water, sightseeing the hills and culture or Jungle safari, you will have comfortable weather for your travel.
November month is the best month for visiting Kathmandu. The atmosphere and environment is also best during this month. The whole valley is green and lush. The temperature is perfect average day time temperatures around 15°C (about 59°F) you can enjoy hikes and walks around the town without getting sweaty.
Trekking in Himalaya
Festivals of Nepal falls according to the lunar hindu calendar. For cultural seekers, you will get a chance to enjoy the important and most beautiful festival Tihar of Nepalese hindu community. Tihar is also known as Deepawali. This Hindu festival is celebrated in Nepal for five day long which comes soon after Dashain. Tihar signifies the festival of lights, where diyas are light both inside and outside the houses to make it illuminate at night. Tihar in Nepal represents the divine attachment between human and other animals. Nepalese people celebrates Tihar by playing Deusi/Vailo programme. You can get a chance to see people playing Deusi/Vailo (singing and dancing) during this festival. On this day people cook different varities of food and specially ‘sel roti’ and enjoyed themselves by having delicious dishes together.
The 1st day of Tihar is known as ‘kag tihar’ crows day. On this day crows are worshipped by offering food on the roof of the houses before anyone in the house takes in food. The cawing of the crows symbolizes sadness and grief in the hindu mythology, so the devotees offer food to advert the grief and death in their homes. The 2nd day of Tihar is called ‘Kukur Tihar’ dogs day. Dog is believed as the messenger of lord Yamaraj, the god of death, is worshipped once a year on this day. On this day people offer beautiful garlands, tika and delicious food to the dog. You can see dogs running around with the necklace on their neck, tika on their forehead. The 3rd day is known as Laxmi puja. It is the important day of Tihar. On this day early morning cow is worshipped, cow signifies the prosperity and wealth. Cow is offered with garlends, tika and best grass on this day. Cow is the national animal of Nepal. In the evening Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped in every household. The whole entire houses were cleansed and decorated with candle lights, oil lamps and garlends in every doors and windows of the house to invite the goddess Laxmi in the house.  Laxmi puja is performed by female in the house. The 4th day is known as ‘Gobardan Puja & Mha Puja’. On this day people worship the ox with the garlands around the neck, tika on the forehead and offered a meal to the ox. People who follow Lord Krishna perform ‘Gobardan puja’ which is worshipped towards gobardan mountain. Cow dung is taken as representative of the mountain and is worshipped. ‘Mha Puja’ which means worshipping yourself. Newar community people perfom this festivals. This period begins with the Newari newyear. The 5th and last day of Tihar is known as ‘Bhai Tika’. On this day sisters put tika on the foreheads of brothers, to ensure long life and prosperity and sisters prays for their brother’s long life from Yama Raj, god of the underworld.
The astonishing views of the nature and the timeless art of the nature and timeless art of the Nepalese architecture will make you fall in love with photography and bring out the poet, the rmantic out of you.
For music lovers, the most acclaimed Zazzmandu music festival will be great treat on this month, when the zazz musicians and zazz lovers from all over the world gather in Kathmandu to celebrate their love for zazz soul.
Do you want to travel Nepal? If you have missed the chance to travel Nepal in October month you can also enjoy yourself by travelling Nepal in the month of November, it is one of the best month to travel Nepal.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tourism 2050

Tourism 2050

Recently their came the news about the elevator connecting earth to the space. The space elevator is said to be constructed by the Japanese construction company called “Obayashi”. This elevator can reach up to 96,000 kilometres (60,000 miles) into the space. The news seems to be interesting as well as exciting. Many of you may be thinking is this possible or if this plan become successful then what will be the situation?
Every one dreams of going to the space once in their lifetime isn’t it....?
According to the tourism point of view we can see a lot of potential. Many of you may want to travel to the space but at the same time you must be wondering about the expenses but if the elevator idea becomes successful then expenses may be less. At the same time travelling to the moon also may be successful as well as inexpensive too. There will come a new twist in the field of tourism. Let’s just imagine people travelling to the space for their vacation how does it sound isn’t it wonderful? Due to the science new technologies are been discovered which have made humans life easier. The space elevator idea will even cut the distance between the earth and the space.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel Nepal in October Month

Festive time
October month is the best month to travel in Nepal. This month is fairly dry and pleasant. It is considered as the best month for trekking, rafting and sightseeing. The weather is clear with mild to warm days and cold nights.

This month lies in the autumn season where you can see and feel the greenery of country sides, clean sparkling air and the perfect Himalayan views all around. Also you can entertain yourself by doing different activities like Jungle safari, short hiking or overnight stays in the Nagarkot & Dhulikhel for the best views of the sunrise and the sunset.

Pokhara is recommened for the best spot as it is known for the romantic city of Nepal. Pokhara is often called the enchanting Himalayan valley with a heart of major action and adventures. In the morning time you can see the reflection of sunlight from a mountain is always a breathtakng site that you will never forget the sight of the fishtail mountain standing right before eyes.  Sarangkot is the most popular destination where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains and the great view of Pokhara valley. Many tourist comes to Sarangkot for sunrise view and goback after few hours but it will be good if tourist stay there for one night and enjoy the view and city light of Pokhara from Sarangkot. Paragliding can also be done from Sarangkot that you can enjoy on the spot. During the Dashain festival Kathmandu valley is less crowded than usual, as most of its inhabitants will literally be flocking out of the valley to visit their families in remote villages for this festivals. Nepali people wherever they live, they try to reach home to celeberate Dashain festival together with their family.

This is also the best seasons of festivities as Nepal celebrates the biggest & longest festival of Hindu, Dashain followed by Tihar which falls on the month of October. Dashain is regarded as victory of truth over the evil. It is a celeberation of victory of good over bad. It is the longest festival celeberated for 15 days, the most important days are the 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th, and the 10th. 1st day is known as Ghatasthapana, 7th day is fulpati, 8th day is Asthami, 9th day is Navami and the 10th is Vijaya Dashami main day of Dashain where people worship goddess Durga and visit temples. There is tradition of buying and wearing new clothes and having big feast in this festivals. Dashain is the longest holiday in Nepal, Nepal government closes all the government office as well as educational institutions and other offices. During the festival time you can see people of all ages, children in their roof flying colourful kites of different shapes and voices shouting out. Bamboo swings are constructed with the help of community members using traditional methods during this festival where you can find local people, children having fun by playing swings.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bishwakarma Puja is being celebrated in Nepal

On the day of Bishwakarma man worshipped his bike

The richness of culture and tradition of Nepal has always been amazed the western travellers and travellers from other countries. Today is also another day of celebration in this Hindu dominant land, however not every citizen is in the mood of celebrating this festival. But those who are celebrating today they are celebrating like the biggest day in the earth. It is not declared as a public holiday by the government but for the group who are celebrating today, it is more than just a government holiday.

Today is the day of Lord Bishwakarma. ‘The bishwakarma Puja’. God Bishwakarma is considered as a god of construction additionally god of tools, equipment and machinery in the Hinduism. According to purana, Lord Krishna asked Bishwakarma to build the Dwaraka City, and following Kishna’s order, Bishwakarma was devoted to build the best city. On the other occasion bishwakarma is also said he had built a weapon from a Dadichi Rishi’s bone without hurting the Dadichi Rishi.
It is believed that those who worship and does the bishwakarma puja on this day will bring prosperity and progression on their job and business of machinery, tools and equipment. One interesting part of this festival in Nepal is, Bishwakarma puja is the only one festival which the day is determined according to Nepalese monthly calendar instead of lunar calendar of Hinduism. It is celebrated in 1st day of 6th month of Nepalese calendar which is on the 17th September on the year 2014. Finally another interesting side of this festival is this festival is not associated with any temple unlike other remaining festivals of Nepal. Instead of temple people worship on their home, factories, office, workshop by creating and worshipping Lord Bishwakarma of their own.
This festival is celebrated widely in the every corner of the country on the factories, workshops, plants, machinery warehouse and parking garages. The factory workers and machinery workshop workers, bus and truck drivers are the ones who celebrate this day with full of devotional enthusiasm. They decorate their workshops, factories, buses, cars with flowers or other paper decorative after special cleaning of the place followed by the puja with abhir, keshari, rice grain, fruits, traditional batti (lights) and incense stick. After they does the puja, they party with loud music, bjanan (srligious songs) with dnncing and drinking and with heavy meal with special items. Today they shut down all their work on factory and warehouse. They also drink alcoholic beverages to enjoy the day of bishwakarma.
Due to the puja there will be lack of public transportation on the streets because after the puja the owner do not drive their taxi, bus, truck. But people of Nepal kknow about this and they are prepared with the transportation situation on the Biswakarma puja day.
If you are travelling on the mid of the September please do not forget to ask your travel agency to arrange the bishwakarma puja observation during your tour in Nepal. One thig we gurantee that if you visit in any puja or participate on celeberation you will be offered free local foods. Nepalese like to treat freely with foods and drinks on their festival day, which is something good seceret to know to travel Nepal, isn’t it  ??

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