Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Travel Nepal in the month of December

The month of December is the coldest season here in Nepal. Though temperature is low during morning and night time its warm during day time. Sky is also clear during day times. There may be snow fall in the higher altitude but not in the terai regions and in popular tourist destinations like Pokhara, Kathmandu and Chitwan. Sometimes there may be snowfall around the surrounding hills of Kathmandu like Shivapuri and Phulchowki. The young people from the valley go to these hills to enjoy the snow with their friends and family.

You can have a panoramic view of mountains from the Pokhara city if the weather is clear. Popular trekking areas may be closed because of snowfall but you can enjoy the hiking in around the Kathmandu Valley. You can find people enjoying orange and groundnut in the parks.

You can also celebrate Christmas here in Nepal if you are travelling in the month of December. You can see people celebrating Christmas as there are so many christens in Nepal too and there are so many Church in the Valley as well as outside Kathmandu Valley.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Recommendation for Foreigners/ Tourist during Dashain in Nepal

If you are here in Nepal during late September or in early October then you must observe the Dashain festival. You may see the crowds in every market and must be surprised about what is going on...? Actually Dashain is one of the biggest festival of Nepalese people which is celebrated across the nation. I have some recommendation for you about what you can do during this festive season?

Visiting the local market to view the Dashain Shopping
You can go to the local market where you can see the big crowd of the people who are busy in shopping for the festival. During Dashain people buy new clothes for the family members. You can specially visit Asan bazaar. It is one of the oldest as well as busiest shopping market where you can find everything.

Flying Kites
It is one of the interesting things that can be done during your visit in Nepal during Dashain festival. You enjoy the kite festivals as some of the local youth clubs or hotels arrange an annual Changa chait program. Or you can either fly the kites from roof top of your hotel too. During Dashain festival we can see different age group of people flying colourful of kites in the sky.

Visiting different Temples
During Dashain festival you can see a large number of people in different Temples especially in the temple of Goddess Durga standing in a long line for worshipping. The 10days of Dashain is celebrated by visiting different temples of Goddess Durga. You can see the activities of people in the temples like how they perform the puja, you can also see people sacrificing the livestock etc.

Playing Swing
The most important thing that should not be missed during your visit in Nepal during Dashain festival is enjoying the Swing. Swings are made up of bamboo and coconut rope across the nation during Dashain festival. It is said they we should atleast leave the ground once. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups. The swing is called ‘ping’ in Nepali. You can also enjoy the swing as it is constructed in most of the places. Some of the swing’s height exceeds twenty feet and you can swing really high.

Khashi bazaar
You can also make a visit to khasi bazaar where you can see the large numbers of goats and the crowd of the people who came for buying the goats. A large number of goats are consumed during dashain festival. Some people buy for the purpose of sacrificing while some buy for just the purpose of meat and fun only.

Lagur Burja
Langur Burja is a kind of gamble which is played during Dashain by the people of all age group. It is played in many inner streets of Nepal. You can also engage in this game. You don’t have to worry about how to play the game as the people around there will definitely teach you how to play and what are the rules and regulations of the game too.

Tika occasion
The most important thing during Dashain is the Tika occasion. You can see people putting red Tika on their forehead along with Jamara. Jamara is the made up of grains like maize & Barley. Some people may also put the white Tika too. The Tika is received by the hand of elder member of the house with lots of blessings. You can observe the Tika occasion in the house of a local people.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nepalese cuisine

Dhido and much more

Nepali cuisine refers to the food eaten in Nepal. As you all know Nepal is culturally and geographically diverse country so we have the diverse cuisine too. Nepalese food is famous for its nutrition level and tempting taste as well. Some of the popular and typical Nepalese foods are:
  • Daal-Bhat-Tarkari

             This food is eaten throughout the country. This set of food is eaten in both luch and dinner. Dal is a soup made of lentils with some species. Bhat is cooked rice and Tarkari refers to the vegetables.
  • Achar or Chutney
Achar are the fresh or a fermented spicy pickle. Without pickle Nepalese food is incomplete. People usually take the spicy chutney with lunch and dinner.
  • Dhido
Dhido is also one of the popular foods in Nepal which is made up of Corn flour, Wheat flour, Millet flour or Buckwheat flour. It is made by cooking flour in boiled water with continues stirring.
  • Sel Roti
Sel Roti is a traditional home made sweet, ring-shaped rice doughnut. It is made up of rice flour. This dish ne prepared during Hindu festivals like Tihar and Maghesankaranti and other ceremonies like Marriage, Bartabandha, etc.
  • MoMo
This is popular fast food in Nepal. It is Tibetan style dumplings with Nepali spices served with achar.

  • Chiura
It is popular traditional food of Nepal made of paddy. It's made by soaking, draining, roasting, flaking the paddy followed by removing of the husk. It is usually consumed in festivals with masu (meat).
  • Gundruk
Gundruk is the lactic acid fermented product of green Leafy vegetables. The vegetable Leaf generally used includes Rayo, Mustard leaf, Radish leaf and cauliflower leaf. It can be preserved for long time after sun drying and simple packaging.

  • Alu Tama
Alu Tama is simply unique and classic Nepali curry. Alu Tama means Potato Bamboo shoots. Tama is the salted lactic acid fermented bamboo shoot product in bamboo growing region of Nepal.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Dashain Festival One of The Biggest Festival of Nepal

Dashain is the longest, greatest and most important hindu festivals of Nepali people. This festival is known for emphasis on family gathering. Dashain is regarded as victory of truth over the evil. It is a celebration of victory. Throughout the Nepal the goddess Durga in all her manifestations are worshipped with innumerable pujas, abundant offerings. This festival is celebrated by Nepalese people throughout the globe for 15 days and the most important days are 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. This festivals officially started from 2014 and ends on Purnima, the fullmoon day.

Dashain is cebrated with great joy. The 1st day of Dashain is ‘Ghatasthapana’ which literally means placing a pot which symbolizes goddess Durga often with her image embossed on the side is place in the prayer room. This falls on the first day if the festival which marks the beginning of Dashain. On this day Kalasha is filled with holy water which is then covered with cow dung and sewn with barley seeds. A small rectangular sand block is made and the Kalash is put in the centre. This ritual is performed at a certain auspicious time which is determined by the astrologers and then the priest starts the puja by asking Durga to bless the vessel with her presence.The 7th day of Dashain is ‘Fulpati’. On this day Brahmins brought the royal Kalasha, Jamara, banana stalks and sugar cane tide with red clothe from royal house in Gorkha, a three day walk, about 169 km away from Kathmandu valley. A parade is held in Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace. Then there is a majestic display of the Nepalese army along with a celebratory firing of weapons that continues for ten to fifteen minutes honoring Fulpati. The Fulpati is taken to Hanuman Dhoka Palace after the occasions end in Tudikhel. The 8th day of Dashain is ‘Maha Asthami’. On this day sacrifices held in the every house through out the day. ‘Kaal raatri’ dark night is celebrated at night on this 8th day of Dashain. Many goats, buffalo are sacrificed at the goddess temple. The 9th day of Dashain is ‘Nawami’. This is the last day of Navaratri. On this day the official military rituals sacrifices of buffaloes under the gunfire salutes held in one of the Hanuman dhoka palace. This day is also known as demon hunting day. On this day Taleju temples gate are opened for the public. Thousands of devotees go and pay respect to the goddess on this day. The 10th day of Dashain is known as ‘Dashami’ Dashain. On this day we take Tika and Jamara from our elders and receiving blessing. We visit to our elders on this special day to receive blessing from them. People get together with their family members and have a feast and enjoy themselves with playing cards and having different delicious food on this day.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Travel Nepal in November month

Laxmi Puja
 November is the best month to travel in Nepal with cool and clear skies. The weather and visibility during this month is just perfect for trekking and outdoor activities like rafting on the white water, sightseeing the hills and culture or Jungle safari, you will have comfortable weather for your travel.
November month is the best month for visiting Kathmandu. The atmosphere and environment is also best during this month. The whole valley is green and lush. The temperature is perfect average day time temperatures around 15°C (about 59°F) you can enjoy hikes and walks around the town without getting sweaty.
Trekking in Himalaya
Festivals of Nepal falls according to the lunar hindu calendar. For cultural seekers, you will get a chance to enjoy the important and most beautiful festival Tihar of Nepalese hindu community. Tihar is also known as Deepawali. This Hindu festival is celebrated in Nepal for five day long which comes soon after Dashain. Tihar signifies the festival of lights, where diyas are light both inside and outside the houses to make it illuminate at night. Tihar in Nepal represents the divine attachment between human and other animals. Nepalese people celebrates Tihar by playing Deusi/Vailo programme. You can get a chance to see people playing Deusi/Vailo (singing and dancing) during this festival. On this day people cook different varities of food and specially ‘sel roti’ and enjoyed themselves by having delicious dishes together.
The 1st day of Tihar is known as ‘kag tihar’ crows day. On this day crows are worshipped by offering food on the roof of the houses before anyone in the house takes in food. The cawing of the crows symbolizes sadness and grief in the hindu mythology, so the devotees offer food to advert the grief and death in their homes. The 2nd day of Tihar is called ‘Kukur Tihar’ dogs day. Dog is believed as the messenger of lord Yamaraj, the god of death, is worshipped once a year on this day. On this day people offer beautiful garlands, tika and delicious food to the dog. You can see dogs running around with the necklace on their neck, tika on their forehead. The 3rd day is known as Laxmi puja. It is the important day of Tihar. On this day early morning cow is worshipped, cow signifies the prosperity and wealth. Cow is offered with garlends, tika and best grass on this day. Cow is the national animal of Nepal. In the evening Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped in every household. The whole entire houses were cleansed and decorated with candle lights, oil lamps and garlends in every doors and windows of the house to invite the goddess Laxmi in the house.  Laxmi puja is performed by female in the house. The 4th day is known as ‘Gobardan Puja & Mha Puja’. On this day people worship the ox with the garlands around the neck, tika on the forehead and offered a meal to the ox. People who follow Lord Krishna perform ‘Gobardan puja’ which is worshipped towards gobardan mountain. Cow dung is taken as representative of the mountain and is worshipped. ‘Mha Puja’ which means worshipping yourself. Newar community people perfom this festivals. This period begins with the Newari newyear. The 5th and last day of Tihar is known as ‘Bhai Tika’. On this day sisters put tika on the foreheads of brothers, to ensure long life and prosperity and sisters prays for their brother’s long life from Yama Raj, god of the underworld.
The astonishing views of the nature and the timeless art of the nature and timeless art of the Nepalese architecture will make you fall in love with photography and bring out the poet, the rmantic out of you.
For music lovers, the most acclaimed Zazzmandu music festival will be great treat on this month, when the zazz musicians and zazz lovers from all over the world gather in Kathmandu to celebrate their love for zazz soul.
Do you want to travel Nepal? If you have missed the chance to travel Nepal in October month you can also enjoy yourself by travelling Nepal in the month of November, it is one of the best month to travel Nepal.

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