Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Experience of hosting 13 Malaysian tourists having adventure travel in Nepal

Last week Nepal One Tours & Travels hosted a group tour package for 13 Malaysians tourist travelling in Nepal for our standard 6 Night 7 Days travels. In this post we would like to share the experience of hosting them about their first travel experience in Nepal here.

Ready to go for a rafting trip in Trishuli river in Nepal.
The group were of two family with two couple of age of early 50 with theirs children of 9 on their from 16 to 25 in which two of them were girls and 7 were boys. The younger ones were travelling Nepal with their cousins group and their Parents. They actually visited most of the world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley including the biggest Mosque the Jame Masjid of Capital. Since their arrival they were travelling in a Toyota Jumbo Hiace Van which was very suitable for their group size.
On the first day they just landed in Tribhuvan International Airport and transferred directly to their Hotel in Thamel as their arrival was at late evening. The next day they had a guided sightseeing tour to the World heritage sites on Kathmandu. They came from a humid and hot temperature of Kuala Lumpur and I experienced that they were enjoying the little chilling climate Kathmandu with wearing the winter outfit as they do not get to wear the winter clothes in their home town. The durbar squares of Kathmandu and the temples and the market around the durbar square were something very new for them and they seemed to take photos everywhere and everything they could see on the tour. Some of them were very curious to know about the places and happenings around the Kathmandu.
Next morning they had a mountain flight by a Simrik air for 1 hour and they were very lucky to get a very nice weather with very little cloud. They enjoyed the experience of flying close to the White Mountains and the Mt. Everest. They also enjoyed to take pictures in the cockpit with pilot which was beyond their expectation and told us that, entering in the cockpit of a flying plane is not possible in their country.
After the flight they returned to hotel for breakfast and check out for the trip to Pokhara and on the way camping and rafting in the Trishuli River. As they told that they are the adventures lovers and done rafting in Malaysia for couple times the experience of rafting was not a new one like the Mountain Flight. When they arrived the rafting spot and they got the briefing from the river guide about the rafting trip and safety measures they got their rafting gears and were looked exciting to get their group pictures with the rafting boat and gears. They did the 3 hours rafting in Trishuli River. All of the younger ones were not into a simple rafting trip, they loved to jump on the rivers on the major rapids so as all of them also climbed the cliff and jumped into the river. After tiring journey of rafting they arrived at the lunch spot and enjoyed their meal. They were driven for few minutes to the camping resort. They enjoyed to hang around the resort and around the town. As they were very friendly and somehow looked like Nepalese they easily mixed up with the resort staffs and even to the local shops close to the resort. Even they were riding the motor bikes of the resort owners to visit the towns.
At night they seemed enjoying the beautiful view of stars in a dark night lying beside the bonfire in a little cold weather and listening to the pleasing sound of Trishuli river. After dinner they spend a few hours in the riverside enjoying the magnificent atmosphere there. They were not a type of drinking liquors and dancing with loud music but enjoyed their time with a nature and peaceful environment. The next morning all the young ones went for swimming in the high current trishuli river with a guy of resort on Kayak. They swim in river with the Kayak boat dragging them, which looked they enjoyed the swimming a lot in spite of the water which was cold for them than their home town. When asked why not swimming in the swimming pool, their mother said ‘’we have swimming pool back home’’ these guys really looked how to enjoy the moments and their parents looked so supportive with the feelings of the youth.
They arrived to Pokhara at late evening as some of the road obstacle of unknown reason made their journey behind the time for couple of hours. They wanted to visit the sightseeing spots of Pokhara but the unexpected rain fall could not help them as they give up the idea of sightseeing in Pokhara. The dinner was a little walk away and as we were catering the service of Halal Restaurant in Pokhara for the first time, we missed the location with misunderstanding of the direction by the restaurant owner and made the group walk longer a bit, but when we had our dinner it was really nice and may be the taste of good food took away the disappointment of extra walking after a long day.  
The next morning they had a boating in Fewa Lake that was also a wonderful experience for them in a boat in a lake which was surrounded by a beauty of nature which cannot be described with words. The rain last evening made them miss some of the spots but the important day turned out to be the one of the brightest in the Pokhara as the all clouds, fogs and mist of Pokhara was washed out by the yesterday’s rain. One of the main event was about to begin for them as the Jeep from their paragliding came for the pickup with pilotes ready and all their gliding gears packed up on the aero rack. The 30 minutes’ drive to the take-off field on the top of Sarangkot was filled with the excitement as this was something very new to them. Even being from an Asian families the 50 years + people choosing the paragliding shows their thrust of adventure and courageous of them. The paragliding group were divided into two as the first 7 of them took their flight on time. The parents, two girls and 1 boy were the ones to take the first flight. On the second flight 1 of the guy became lucky in a sense that he could enjoy the view from Sarangkot for an extra while on a day of nice weather with a perfect visibility and zero cloud even if he had to wait for his flight. He lost his group member and the assigned Pilot and took a while to find the Pilot. In fact Pilot was waiting him badly too to complete the flight and go for the next client.
The one thing looked obvious on them that the high-way drive of Nepal was not free of threat for them. They looked afraid when the buses passes to each other very closely on the bends. For the Nepalese passenger this looks very normal but for the foreigners the highway drive always fills the excitement. 
The last day before departure was there another big day of Bunjee Jump trip to Last Resort. Only the parents did attended the bunjee jump, all the young ones did it smoothly. Some body sought ‘’Help’’ in their native language and rest of their group audience were laughing. Turn by turn all of them did the jump smoothly couple of them looked very nervous and seemed to withdraw the jump but the jump indeed. Where couple of them jump on their own too. The view of their parents was like ‘’if they do the bunjee jump their acrophobia (fear of height) will not remain on them, kind of treatment.
At the end we as a host enjoyed the 13 Malaysian Tourist travelling in Nepal for an adventure activities. And we were glad to know that all of the 13 Malaysian tourist group members enjoyed the Nepal Tour much and also they thanked us for our service to them. We also thanked them for giving Nepal One Tours & Travels a chance to offer our service to their adventure trip to Nepal and we also thanked them for being friendly and being an easy to deal customer despite being in a group of 13 persons they were very co-operative.

At the end we would like to say that we Love Malaysian Tourists and our aim is to be a specialized Tour operator for a Malaysian Tourist travelling in Nepal.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cultural tour To India

                                                                      Cultural Tour to India

 Many people like to travel in India. India is interesting place for travellers. This three places are Respectively   Delhi,Agra and Jaipur most popular and memorable place. This package start from Delhi.

Delhi is the capital of india.There are many places kutub Minar ,Jantarmantar ,Jamamasjid,India gate  & chandni chock.

Agra is beautiful place. Most people like to see that place to india visit.

Jaipur is tours and travel area. Most like places are Jai mahal & city palace. Delhi ,Agra and Jaipur  is heart of India tours and travels.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seven achievement want to Nepal in 2015

                      Seven achievement want to Nepal in 2015
Nepalese people is very helpful for others. Nepal is independent country. Nepalese people agree in National Unity. Nepal is identified for  peace, Progress and stability. Nepalese people strongly want seven things in 2015.
1.     New constitution: Nepal will be waiting new constitution. Political consensus necessary for new constitution.

2.     Stop Strike: It is compulsory necessary to stop all type violence immediately. Strike is bad for many people.

3.     National Government: Many people want national government. National government solve present political crisis.

4.     Chinese president visit: China is our strong neighbor country. Nepal followed one door china policy. China is our good friend.

5.     Tourism Development: Tourism development is backbone of our country.
            Tourism development decrease political activities & National development.

6.     Increase national employment: Employment activities is necessary to increase. Employment is needing for young age.

7. Improve in Road: transportation was essential part of human life. Transportation increase National Development. Vehicle management is major part of present life. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Saraswati Puja and Shree Panchami!!

On the auspicious day of Shree Panchami Nepal One Tours & Travels wishes you a Happy Saraswati Puja 2015.

Shree Panchami Festival in Nepal

Shree panchami is also known as Basanta Panchami, this festival falls usually between last week of January to first week of February. It is celebrated as the birthday of Hindu Goddess Saraswoti. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of education, knowledge and wisdom. This day is particularly more important to students as it is believed that worshipping Saraswati on this day will receive the blessings from her and it will increase their intelligence and horizon of wisdom. In Nepal this day is very important for students of all levels. Normally all the educational institute have a saraswati-puja function on this day. All the teachers and students do the saraswati puja in the school. 
On this day hindu devotees visit saraswati temples and do their prayers with writing few words on the walls of temples with chalk. They will also worship their books, notebook and pens on this day. They will also swallow 7 rice grains after the puja without touching it to the teeth while swallowing those rice grains. It is believed that this way of prayer will make Saraswati happy. 
The popular temples where the huge crowd will gather for prayers in Kathmandu are Saraswati Temple in Swyambhunath and Saraswati temple in Tribhuvan University. The Saraswati Temple of Tribhuvan University is only open for Saraswati Puja day for the visitors. Other day the temple remain closed for visitors.     
Nepalese parents use this day to start feeding rice to their newly born or start teaching their kids to write and read as this is a very auspicious day.

If you are in Nepal on this day Nepal One Tours & Travels suggest you to do following activities :
  • Visit the any near temples and stupas of the valley to see young kids and teenagers writing their names on the wall and write your name too or the name of someone who might need the wish.
  • Visit the Kathmandu durbar Square to see the Basanta Shrawan program.
  • Visit Saraswati Temples of Swyambhunath and Tribhuvan University.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Darjeeling Tours


Darjeeling is famous place for travels. Darjeeling was historical place. Darjeeling was a town in the Indian state of west Bengal. It is located 6,710ft (2,045.2m) .Darjeeling was famous for education background. Darjeeling has several British style public school, which attract students from India and neighbouring countries. Darjeeling was cultural heritage town. Darjeeling is near pasupatinagar(Jhapa District) Nepal border side. This place is popular for travels & tours.

                   There was nice park, tea industry, Himalayas, View point, Zoo and fast food shop. Kalingpong is near Darjeeling. Darjeeling geography was hilly area. Hotels are easily available there transportation facilities are well managed .Railway service was available. This place is memorial for tours. Those reason Darjeeling was really beautiful place for tours point of view.