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Nepal have numerous mountains .Mount Everest is one of the highest peak of the world with a height of 8848mtr.from the sea level. Nepal tour will make you an experience from various packages such like expedition, trekking, and mountain flight to gain a breathtaking experience of Everest.


This Tilicho lake is world’s popular lake for being located at the highest altitude from the sea level. It is 4,919 m high in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas in Manang district of Nepal. Tilicho Lake is the destination of one of the most popular side hikes of the Annapurna Circuit trek during Nepal tour. The hike takes additional 3-4 days. No camping is required, as new lodges have been built between Manang and the lake. Final approach to the lake is done in a day hike from the lodge at Tilicho Base Camp. Nepal tour is only the way to reach at this wonderful land.


The Kali Gandaki Gorge or Andha Galchi is the gorge of the Kali Gandaki (or Gandaki River) in the Himalayas in Nepal. The Kali Gandaki gorge is the deepest gorge in the world, being 5,571 m or 18,278 ft. lower than Annapurna I which bounds it at one pointThe gorge separates the major peaks of Dhaulagiri (8,167 m or 26,795 ft) on the west and Annapurna (8,091 m or 26,545 ft.) on the east. Travelling to this majestic land Nepal let you to observe this mysterious place during Annapurna trekking.


More than 35,000 Nepalese made a bid  to form the world's largest "human national flag" as they sought to set a new international record .As the country's anthem played, participants held up crimson, blue and white coloured cardboard for 10 minutes on an open ground in Kathmandu's city centre to form the national flag. Cries of "Nepal!" rang out as participants threw the cardboard pieces in the air to celebrate after the attempt. Nepal's flag is the world's only one which is not a quadrilateral. Instead it is comprised of two triangles.


Nepal tour is the best way to observe the holy place Lumbini where Gautam Buddha was born. Siddhartha was son of King Suddhodhan Gautam and queen Maya Devi. Buddha was born in garden of Sal trees (Shorea robusta), situated in the beautiful and peaceful Lumbini zone in Rupandehi district of Nepal. UNESCO has listed Lumbini, Nepal as a world heritage site and birthplace of Gautama Buddha.Buddha was born on full moon day, he achieved nirvana in the same day and left this world on the same day of Baishakh Sukla Purnima. This day is celebrated as Budhha Purnima all over the world.Buddha means “Awakened One”.  Gautam Buddha is also known as Shakyamuni. Touring Nepal makes you able to visit this pleasant land .In sense of Buddhism, this place should be visited by every Buddhist of the world during Nepal tour.

Nepal is the richest country on water resources after Brazil .Nepal is a small, beautiful and wonderful 
land of the world. It is a miracle portion that this land is second rich country on water resources in spite being small on area. Nepal tour will provide you to admire its beauty on water resources. Lady after bath seems fair, innocent and natural as like this country contains the same charm .Tour operators, Travel agencies, Trekking agencies and Rafting agencies all can provide you a great  time to heal in this beautiful land during Nepal tour. Water activities such like Boating, Rafting, Diving, Fishing, Kayaking, Cannoning, Swimming, SUP, Water ball, etc. are on operation as a tourism product in Nepal .Also travelling to Nepal offers you most exciting white water rafting moment at various rivers of Nepal .Rafting in Nepal is popular all over the world and comes under top ten rafting destinations.


"Yarsha "(half plant half insect) is a valuable and incredible  medicinal herbs found only at highlands(above 3500mtr.) Of Himalayas of Nepal. Yarsagumba is also known as the “Himalayan Viagra” or “Himalayan Gold” for its high medicinal and commercial value. It is mainly used as a treatment for impotency in many countries.  Every year during May and June, thousands of villagers from remote areas from Nepal risking their own lives head for high mountains to collect yarsagumba. It is estimated that one villager can earn up to Rs. 2,500 approximately to $35 a day by collecting yarsagumba which is beyond the monthly salary of many Nepalese households. Yarsha hunting is one of the breathtaking activity of tourism in Nepal. If any tourist want to join yarsha hunting then appropriate season is waiting for you. During Nepal tour if you are here in season then various trekking and expedition routes can offer you to see and engage on this yarsha hunting programme.


Rhino is one of the endanger animal that exist in Nepal in quantity next than other countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. Chitwan national park and  Bardiya national park is main home for this rare rhino in Nepal. Poaching for their horns remains a serious threat. Despite being illegal, rhino horn is still used in some traditional Asian medicines for the treatment of a variety of ailments. Nepal tour will be your time to observe this rare animal ‘Rhino’ on the common touristic places like Chitwan and Bardiya.


No elephants may lie down in front of the goal mouth. To do so will constitute a foul. A free hit is awarded to the opposing side from the semi-circle in front of the goal.Teams are made up from the pool of elephants and balanced out as fairly as possible bearing in mind size and speed of the elephant. Once the pool of elephants has been selected, each elephant is categorized and marked as A,B,C,D, E and F.Any team with 3 elephants in one half of the pitch is judged to have committed a foul.An elephant may not pick up the ball in its trunk during play. To do so constitutes a foul and a free hit is awarded to the opposing team from the spot where the ball was picked up.The defending players must be 15 meters from the spot.No more than 2 elephants may be in the D at one time – one from the attacking team and one from the defending team.There are no restrictions as to the height, weight or sex of the elephants.Sugar cane or rice balls packed with vitamins (molasses and rock salt) shall be given to the elephants at the end of each match and a cold beer, or soft drink, to the elephant drivers and not vice versa.The health and welfare of the elephants used in elephant polo tournaments is of prime concern. Abuse of the elephant is considered to be the most serious offence.
source:World Elephant Polo Association(WEPA)
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It is believed that part of India was drifted from the African Continent and collided with China’s boarder creating the tallest Himalayan Mountains in the world. It is also believed that there was an ocean between these two lands and all the sea creatures were buried in the molten lava. On the far eastern side of impact lies the Kali-Gandki River where the lava stones are found with an impression of sea creatures, normally identified as holiest Shaligram.
ACCORDING TO HINDUISMOnce in anger Sarasvati cursed Lakshmi. Sarasvati's curse changed Lakshmi into a tulsi plant and forced her to live on earth forever. Vishnu, however, intervened and modified the curse, saying that Lakshmi would remain on earth as tulasi until the river Gandaki flowed from her body. In the meantime, He would wait by the riverside in the form of a stone to take her back to His abode. This stone was the Shaligram Shila, which thus remained on earth as a representative of Vishnu. The Shila Deities and the tulsi plant are thus always worshipped together as Vishnu and Lakshmi.
                                                         Nepal tour is only the way to visit this marvelous land during Annapurna  circit trek.

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Taudha pokhari is a 
pleasant place where visitor can easily access by private or local vehicle too.This place is not much far from capital city of Nepal "Kathmandu'.During Nepal tour this place should be on your list.Missing this place during travelling in Nepal will be regretful.This place is inhabitant of different species of fishes &migratory birds .Various hotels and lodges are coming on providing fooding and lodging services around this lake.This lake is situated on the way to popular holy place Dakchhinkali temple ,just down by the hill named' Champadevi' and next small valley viewing hill 'boshan hill'. 

It is believed lord Manjushree cut off the mountain peak at Chobhar by forming a gorge to evacuate the water form the lake, making it suitable for habitation and eventually the human civilization is believed to set up in the valley.
In the process of evacuating the water from the lake, the king of serpents Karkotak and his wife who were residing in the lake was about to be carried along the rapid flow of the water. It caused a terror among the gods: if he was carried out from the valley it would lead to misfortune within the valley. Ultimately the gods requested him to stay within the valley by forming a lake today known as Taudaha, the name Taudaha is composed of the words Ta and Daha from Newari language wherein Ta stands for snakes and Daha means lake.
Another interesting part of the mythical history of Taudaha is that while making the arrangement for king of serpents, the gods requested Bhimsen to excavate the land to construct a lake. The soil and mud he excavated to form the lake created a huge mountain at the other side where goddess Champa Devi resides, and the lake became accommodation for the king of serpent, Karkotak.
The local people still hold the notion that Karkotak resides in a big palace inside the lake and it is their moral duty to safeguard him. The king Karkotak is the ultimate authority and he only should grant the permission to carry on any activities in the lake. He is not supposed to be disturbed by any means. This feeling is supported by a story associated with king Karkotak: in ancient times the king used to assist local people and fulfilled all their wishes by providing them the commodities and help they asked from him, and had always taken care of the needs of Taudaha community. Then a greedy farmer who received utensils for a feast from king Karkotak did not return them and kept them for himself. As a result this process of helping people came to an end.
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                                      NEPAL TOUR: POKHARA

  Travelling is a phenomena of being away from homeland to any destination at leisure. Nepal tour is one best option for tourist who loves nature firstly and secondly willing to engage on extra refreshmental activities. Travelling Nepal is the superb way to fulfil your dream to explore a lot tourism activities at a single visit by  being  economical .Touring to this land  ‘Nepal’ will surely let you new and memorable experience in life. There are numerous touristic places in Nepal which are equally fine and pleasant. But the beautiful city Pokhara contain unique charm and flow of tourist is dramatic comparing to other. This is all because of aviabilities of sufficient tourism products and services at mean place.

An outstanding touristic place Pokhara is one of the common and marvelous destination exist in Nepal ,200 km away from capital city ‘Kathmandu’, around 5 hour nonstop drive on private vehicle or approximately half an hour by domestic air service from international airport , Kathmandu.  This city is renowned all over the world for adventurers’ tourism. Pokhara is only the place which puts an ability on itself to give more and more tourism services at a same time or in a single visit. lumle, a place which is known as cherapunji(rainy portion) of Nepal lies in this city. As like this city is also popularly known as city of lakes.Existance of natural and large lakes around this city acts as value added attraction. Nepal tour is one of the best and appropriate way to explore your travelling in this beautiful city.

Major touristic destinations around Pokhara:

                                     1. WATER TOURISM:
Boating, kayaking, Stand –up-paddle (SUP),Water ball, Swimming, Fishing, Motor boating, Paddle boating, etc. are usual water tourism activities at Pokhara’s lakes:Phewa lake, Begnas lake, Rupa lake.

 Mountaineering museum, Gurkha memorial museum, David falls (Patale chhago), Gupteshwor cave, chamero cave, mahendra pool (bridge) above seti river, Bindyabasini temple, Taal Barahi temple in between phewa lake which can be access only by boating, sarangkot hill (panorama viewing point of northern Himalayas like Annapurna, Dhulagiri , machhepuchre and more, pleasant view of early sunrise, magnificent view of Pokhara valley and lakes) ,  Cycling, Motor biking, Hiking, walking, Rock climbing, Expeditions, Bird watching, Flower watching,   Night life at lakesides (pob, restaurents, live music, Concerts, Dance bars, Street festivals and fares, Spa, Therapy, Massage etc. and much more.), Oldest and common Annapurna Trekking Trial(Nayapool,Birethaati , Ulleri, Poon hill, Ghorepani, Deaurali, Ghandruk, Landruk, Shikha, Tikhedhunga,Australian camp, Annapurna base camp, Dhampus, and many more extraordinary and  attractive touristic places),Jomsome, Kaligandaki gorge,upper mustang, lower mustang, dolpa, Tatopani  & other trials.


                                     3. AIR TOURISM:

Paragliding, Mountain flight, Ultra flight, Sky diving, Bungee Jumping & Zip flier. Most of the air activities are operated from the hill of Sarangkot. Mountain flight and Ultra flight only the activities that is operated from Pokhara airport.


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1.Khukari dance:
The khukuri dance of the mountain people is an original Nepali dance in which the dancers display their wonderful skills in handling the khukuri knife, a famous weapon of the Nepali people. This type of dance is patriotic in its nature. It is also really exciting. This dance is also performed at the military or army centre. Nepal tour will help you to observe this dance.

2. The Ratyauli Dance:

 exclusively performed by the women on the occasion of marriage ceremony. It is especially performed in the bridegroom’s house after the male members of the family leave for the house of the bride. On this night, the women assemble in the bridegroom’ house to sing romantic or even erotic songs. Some women impersonate men and enact love scenes while dancing. Men are forbidden to intrude into their private dancing session. Nepal tour will give  you pleasant chance to admire this entertaining dance.

3.. Tamang Selo dance:
Tamang Selo is usually performed by the Tamangs, one of the ethnic group of Nepal. This dance is performed beating a Damphu (a special type of playing instrument) a solo or in a group. Tamang Selo is also called as Damphu nach. There is another name called in Tamang language that is tam- syaba.  Nepal tour will be your great time to look after this mind-blowing traditional dance.

4. Juhari or Dohori:
Juhari or Dohori dance is also known as gambling or dual dance. Dohori is very popular folk dance in Nepal. The word Dohori is more popular than word Juhari. Juhari or Dohori dance of Nepal is performed in groups during festivals, events, parva and fairs and in Rodhighar. Nepal tour have an advantage to observe this fantastic traditional dance.

5. The Bhairav Kali dance:
The Bhairav Kali dance is one of the traditional ritual dances of Nepal. It manifests the dreadful destructive mood of Goddess Kali and how Bhairava (Shiva) saved the world from the destruction by lying down on the path of Kali. This is one of the classical dances of Nepal, popular in Kathmandu Valley where it is believed to have been originated. Nepal tour will be your favorable moment of life to observe this one of the oldest dance exist till date on the heavenly place Nepal.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=BHAIRAVKALI+DANCE+IN+NEPAL

6. Maruni Dance:
Maruni Dance is one of the most loved and popular dances in Nepal. A male dancer disguises as female. In this Maruni dance of Nepal, a male dancer wears long frock like dress. Other members in this dance sing and make music. Nepal tour is only the way to watch this traditional dance that will surely entertain you.

7. Lakhe Dance:
Lakhe dance is a very important and famous dance of Nepal. Lakhe dance is performed by the Newari community, especially in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. Dancers or performer wearing masks as a monster. Nepal tour is one of the best way to  look at this one of the popular newari entertaining dance .

8. Peacock Dance:
Peacock is a holly bird, called Mayur in Nepali language. In this Peacock Dance, the dancer pretends to be a peacock and perform the dance as a peacock does during rain. Nepal tour offer you to monitor this breathtaking dancing entertaining activities. 

9. Jhankri or Witch Doctor:

Jhakri or witch Doctor plays a very important role in the rural areas of Nepal. People of rural areas do not get proper health services from the government health post or hospitals of Nepal. When they fell illness, they go to Witch doctor instead. Nepal tour will definitely grant you a chance to observe this traditional medicinal way of treatment and dance during treatment phase.

10. The deuda dance :
The deuda dance is performed in a group of males and females. This Nepali dance is popular in the far western districts of Doti and Dailekha. Nowadays, the inhabitants of the far western region who have been living in Kathmandu gather at Tundikhel and perform this dance in a group. During the dance, the young boys and girls sing and dance together exchanging love among themselves. Nepal tour will help you to see this popular traditional dance which carries a great significance.

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