Thursday, March 06, 2014

Medicinal plants of Nepal- Orchids

As described in our previous blog, Nepal hosts many flora and vegetation which have tremendous medicinal properties. Orchids are the other class of plants that have high aesthetic as well as therapeutic potential. Most of the orchids fall under the category of epiphytes- the plants that grow on tree trunks in the forests and other similar habitats.  

The orchids that are found in the wild environment are used for treatment against various illnesses of respiratory system, reproductive system, central nervous system and other infectious diseases. Some are also discovered to possess anti-cancer properties. Called ‘Sunakhari’ in Nepali, this plant has many species which are found in the wildlife of Nepal. According to a research conducted in Nepal, about 60 species of orchids have been found to cure about 38 illnesses which demonstrate the significance of these flowers in the field of natural medicine.

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So when you are on a tour in Nepal, you can try to get information on these beautiful flora.  
Orchids in Nepal

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