Thursday, March 06, 2014

Medicinal plants of Nepal - Yarsagumba

Nepal is a country which is rich in diverse flora. Mainly the Himalayan and the Mountain regions are crammed with plants that hold great medicinal properties. Among these, Yarsagumba (Cordyceps sinensis) found in the Himalayan region of Nepal is well-known throughout the world for its excellent therapeutic value.  This herb is even exported to the countries all over the world which makes it more popular.
Yarsagumba has a unique property that it is a symbiotic relationship between a caterpillar and a mushroom (fungus). Before the commencement of rainy season, spores of the fungus fall on the caterpillar’s head and penetrate into its body. Gradually, the fungus takes away all of the energy from the caterpillar’s body thus killing it.

It is used to treat the illnesses like headache, toothache, asthma, cancer, Tuberculosis, cold and cough and infertility in male and female. Many people living in the mountainous region go to collect this plant which helps them earn their livelihood during the season when it is found in abundance.   

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Cordyceps sinensis

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