Monday, March 03, 2014

Gyalpo Loshar

Nepalese folk celebrated the Gyalpo Loshar yesterday (March 2nd, 2014). There was also a public holiday on this special occasion. This festival marks the commencement of the Tibetan New Year. Sherpa and Tamang ethnic groups along with some other communities observe this festival which mainly lasts for three days.
On the very first day, an alcoholic drink called Changkol is prepared by the family members of the celebrating group. The second day is the main day, i.e the New Year day. In the third day, people gather at a place and have foods and drinks together. They also sing their traditional songs and perform cultural dances. Houses are cleaned and decorated intensively and the merriment of this fiesta can be observed everywhere.      
So if you happen to be in Nepal during this day, do not forget to observe the celebration and do ask your Nepali friend to take to a store where you can buy Khaapse, a special dish prepared on this occasion. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a only in Nepal.visit ours  website

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Nepal is observing a public holiday today to mark the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri. Nepalese devotees are worshipping and offer prayers to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, on this special day. Pilgrims from all over Nepal as well as the neighboring countries like India have gathered to pay homage to the Pashupatinath temple. Others are going to the temples of Lord Shiva situated nearby their localities. Religious priests and preachers are telling stories of Lord Shiva at various places.
There’s a tradition in which the children stop the pedestrians and other people who are commuting to their work and ask for money. The adults delight them by donating either money or any kind of food.  This day also coincides with the Nepali Army Day. So, a special ceremony is being held in Kathmandu in which the army personnel are demonstrating their skills which are viewed by the topmost officials from the government of Nepal. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a  tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website
People light up fires with the belief that it warms up and pleases Lord Shiva as the weather is very cold. They also sing and dance in the songs that are dedicated to Lord Shiva.   
Shivaratri at pashupatinath temple

Monday, February 24, 2014

Puri Tarkari

Whether it is for breakfast or for lunch, puri tarkari is a popular dish among Nepali folks. It is a special dish which is prepared in different occasions like ‘Pujas’ (Offering of prayers), ‘Shraaddha’ (Posthumous rituals performed in memory of the departed souls) and weddings, etc. Puri is a form of deep fried bread (in ghee or oil) made of white flour (Maida) while tarkari refers to curry or vegetables.
The commonly eaten curry with Puri is potatoes and beans. Puri can be made either crispy in which case it can be stored for many days at room temperature or it can also be cooked to make it soft if it is to be eaten immediately. Another dish named haluwaa (pudding) is a well-liked add-on to Puri tarkari.
So when you are on a vacation in Nepal, please try out this delicious cuisine in your nearest eateries.  
Puri Tarkari

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Janakpur is one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal which is located in Dhanusa district. It is more a site for pilgrimage than for merely doing a tour. It is the birthplace of Sita, the wife of the Hindu God Ram who was the daughter of king Janak who’s been well-known in Hindu mythology for his intellect and wisdom. It is believed that both of them got engaged and eventually married in Janakpur which is portrayed by the statues of deities and saints performing the wedding ceremony at Ram Janaki temple. Due to this reason, a big festival called ‘Bibaha panchami’ is celebrated each year with special functions, to mark their wedding anniversary.
Besides this, Janakpur is the host to the only railway station of Nepal, which connects Janakpur to Jayanagar of India. Various sacred rivers have their route in this place and more than two hundred sacred ponds are situated here where people from all over the world come for a holy bath. There are facilities of excellent fooding and accommodation for those who come there during their vacation in Nepal.    we Nepal one tours best  travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nepali cuisines- Bara

Bara (or Woh as called in Newari) is a typical Nepali cuisine which is popular mainly among the Newari people. It is a dish made of Urad beans and looks like a pancake in its appearance. Patan Durbar Square is quite famous for ‘Aaloo Who’ which includes potato in its recipe. Besides this, you can go and enjoy this dish in any of the Newari eateries anywhere inside or outside of Kathmandu valley.
As it is a traditional cuisine, Bara is offered mainly during the Jatras (Newari feasts) and special ceremonies. It can be eaten singly or in combination with other add-ons like tomato sauce, curry and in some cases yogurt too which gives it a special name of ‘Dahi-bara’ (Dahi-Yogurt). For the people who love non-vegetarian foods, you can relish bara which includes meat in it too.we Nepal one tours best agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a only tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website
So when you visit Nepal, try this cuisine once. We are sure that you will want to eat it once again.  
Bara, a Nepali food
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