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Travel Information about Nepal.

This blog is operated and updated by the owner of Nepal One Tours & Travels with the purpose of providing the free information to all who is travelling Nepal from all over the world. This blog slightly updates the special offers and promotion of Nepal One Tours activities as well as Package tours but the main objective is to provide regular information which travelers, tourists, business personnel, diplomats, job holders or corporate visitors who is planning to travel Nepal. This blog is also a platform to understand Nepal in a better way with news and views of Nepal. We will also attempt to express the understanding and perception of Nepalese towards the foreigners coming to Nepal. 

Nepal is one land locked country and one of the best tourist destination in South Asia. Nepal has various aspects of virtue to attract tourists from all around the globe. Just to name some geographical diversity, cultural diversity, land of Mt. Everest, beautiful flora and fauna, birth place of Buddha, place of lots of world heritage site, magnificent wild life conservation parks, beautiful city such as Pokhara, Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, sacred religious value for Hinduism, ancient Hindu temples with religious values, Natural beauty colorful festivals and friendly people. Finally the popular meaning of N.E.P.A.L being Never Ending Peace and Love is another reason that people choose their vacation to celebrate in Nepal.

Earlier Nepal used to be called land of Peace and Peace lovers. Recently this idea of describing Nepal has been altered from the internal political scenario however practically in daily life it remained same in the heart and mind of Nepalese. Since few years back political environment is not stable in this country and its the unfortunate of Nepal that Nepal could not avoid to experience internal political conflict for some years until 2006. After the peace accord was signed in April, 2006 the conflict of Nepal was transformed as well as resolved and great achievement was made in the political environment. The Peace accord was able to get the main conflicting parties into common understanding and bound to work together to find a permanent way out by a peaceful way with a negotiation, dialogue and agreement. Since then the active or physical conflict just disappeared in Nepal.

Whatever be the reason for the political instability in Nepal like poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment, political ideology but the political environment never touched the Tourists or any foreigners in Nepal. Even during the active conflict time there were no single news or report came out about foreigners got in trouble in Nepal. As far as I know it was more easier for tourists to travel in Nepal freely that local people. On that time the security forces were deployed in most of the area of Country and Nepalese had to go through security check frequently but those security checks were more liberal to tourists than locals. This is the main reason that tourism industry in Nepal was not much affected even in the conflict time. Nepal is not a developed country but one thing is sure that Nepal is one of the most secured place in the world to travel. You can travel at any remote corner of Nepal without hesitation and thinking about the security question. This is sure that Nepal will be the safe and friendly place to travel forever despite the developing situation of politics and governance.

Today I will also tell you one secret of People of Nepal. Traditionally and culturally there is a Sanskrit saying in Nepal "Aatithi Devo Vaba"   meaning Guests are the god. In ancient time (and still in remote areas of Nepal) when there used to be no road and transportation, people had to walk by own feet for days if they had to travel and remote areas have very low population density. But the culture of Nepal supported those travelers as the belief is 'guests coming in the evening is bringing god with them' so even some unknown travelers arrived to your home at evening asking for shelter, it becomes your duty to provide free shelter and food to them. and Nepalese people did their duty happily. Not only in the past but tradition is still in practice in the remote areas of Nepal.

So this is the reason that "guests" have special value in Nepal. So foreigners coming to Nepal are the guests and these days they receive that hospitality which was deeply rooted in the culture. People of Nepal love to receive tourists and love to talk with them not only because of the economical aspect but it the nature of Nepalese. In Nepal you will hardly find anyone arguing with tourists and even the pushy attitudes. At last let me tell you this that the culture of "Aatithi Devo Vaba" will never let tourists coming to Nepal get in any trouble. One of the attraction for tourists to select their next travel destination as Nepal is also people of Nepal and their rich culture.  

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