Sunday, January 19, 2014

Traditional Nepali Wedding

Nepali wedding ceremonies are unique in their own way. If you come to Nepal during the months of December or January/February (regarded as the wedding season), you might run into Nepali folks who are merrily singing and dancing in groups along the streets of Kathmandu. These hordes are called ‘Janti’ in Nepali and they are all on their way to bring the bride to her husband’s home.
Based on the particular ethnicity, tribe or tradition of individuals, the nuptials are also of various types.    Accordingly, the wedding costumes are also designed as per the needs of peculiar culture. Some marital functions are concluded in the single day whereas others may last for few more days. Receptions are held mostly after the completion of the rituals of marriage.    
So if you happen to be in a vacation in Nepal around this time, feel free to take glances at the procedures followed by a newlywed couple at various temples and other areas. Or if you have a plan to get hitched with your beloved one in this beautiful mountainous country, you are heartily invited here!  
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People playing traditional musical instruments at a Nepali wedding ceremony
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