Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Bugmati village, Nepal

You might have been familiar to the concrete buildings and modern infrastructure of Kathmandu city. But if you are on a quest of observing the traditional lifestyle and way of living of the indigenous dwellers of the valley, Bugmati can be the perfect destination. As it is one of the old Newari villages, you will get to know about the Newari culture and architecture on your visit to this place.

Unlike in the city, you will run into people who speak in their native lingo, put on their peculiar dresses and the most important of all, they can be seen busy making the stone or wooden sculptures. Nearby Bugmati, there is a place called Khokana which is quite famous for the mustard oil which is extracted in the local mills and is believed to be very good for your health. The Karya Binayak temple is another popular site of pilgrimage which is visited by numerous visitors every day and experiences a huge crowd on Tuesdays, the day devoted to the Hindu Lord Ganesha.   

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